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March 14, 2007

Question from Justin
Now that the season has passed and you're focused on next year. Like any coach you drop the lines "we haven't reached our potential" "we can be the next Gonzaga, George Mason, etc..." all the stuff the fans want to hear.

What I'm wondering is, are you going to pull a Doherty and talk about all that can be accomplished here and then bail? Or are you going to do it? You seem like an honest man and while this is a business it's more than that to many people, I believe you're one of them.

We took a chance on you and we were right, you're a great coach. But what happens when the next Conference USA school needs a coach? Are you going to remember who gave you a shot?

I'm sure you'll be offered bigger and better jobs over the next year or so but, how many coaches can be looked at as the birth of a program?

If you want some answers go ask some Louisville fans about Schnelly. Coaches come and go but the ones that start the program will always be remembered. I don't know who the 15th president of the US was but I do remember the first.

Response from head coach Rex Walters
I really appreciate your passion for FAU Basketball. I am totally committed to getting this program to the highest level. One man can not do it alone. I will demand that my coaching staff and players out work the competition everyday that we put FAU across our chests. We truly need everyone's support to make this thing happen at FAU. A team and a basketball program is a very fragile one. I promise that everyday when I wake up my mind is on doing everything I can to get us there. I am not looking nor will I look to go somewhere else.

Don't be so hard on Matt Doherty. He put so much time and effort into this basketball program. There is no question that he left it better than the way he found it. We were lucky to have him for a year and the program was jump started by the work that he did. Money was far from the only factor that got Coach Doherty to leave for SMU. He is a good man and should be respected for what he did here.


Rex Walters
Head Basketball Coach
Florida Atlantic University

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