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March 10, 2007

Comment from Bill
Congratulations on your first season. You guys did better then everybody thought.

Do you have any clue what next years non-conference schedule is like?

Response from Head Coach Rex Walters Bill,
Thank you for the kind words. We are working on next year's schedule everyday. I can not give specifics, but it will again be very challenging. We are hoping to get more non-conference home games, but it will be a while until we can release something. Thanks again for the email and I hope you will get a chance to see us play as much as possible.

Go Owls,
Rex Walters
FAU Basketball

Question from John
Coach Rex,
I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of ALL of the Rowdy Rex's for all the support you, your staff, and the players have shown us throughout the season. It was a tough loss against WKU, but that only makes us learn more for next time. It was all because of your firey attitude and your players determination that kept us ROWDY throughout the season. Going to the Cajun Dome was one of the coolest things any of us have ever done, and we felt honored to be congratulated by fans of other schools saying that we were some of the craziest fans they have ever encountered. That's due in part to you guys.

We also wanted to say thank you for allowing the "guys" to be so close with all of us and helping us to become true friends with the team. I can imagine that some programs are probably really strict and keep their players concealed most of the time, but with our guys we were able to talk with them one-on-one and build a friendship not only during the season, but even when its over. This is what college basketball is all about. Keep up the great work and we can't wait until November!

Response from Head Coach Rex Walters
We would not have had near the success at home without you guys. You made the arena something special for our guys on game nights. The Rowdy Rex's are a Big Part of the FAU Basketball Program. We can't wait to get started up again next year too!

You are the best!
Rex Walters
FAU Basketball

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