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February 12, 2007

Question from Phil
Coach.....past few home games have been great! Do you realize that going into the FIU game we are 7-0 with the new spirit group for alumni, the Sexy Rexies?!?! Not sure if you have noticed them but I think they have been a bit of a good luck charm......

As we get deeper into the season will you look to rest Carlos and some other players before the playoffs, esp. if we seal up a home game?

Thanks and best of luck!


Response from Head Coach Rex Walters
I am well aware of the Sexy Rexies, the Rowdy Rexís and the Prowlers! Our players and coaches love the support and want to make sure you all have a good time. It is good to see Alums come back and support their school. The Sexy Rexies are also fooling my wife into thinking I still look half way decent (I thank you for that!). I really do appreciate the support and I hope you all are enjoying the way the team is playing. We have come a long way as a team (and still have a ways to go), but I know that the players really feed off of the support in the stands.

Thank you!

Rex Walters

p.s. I would love to give some of our guys some needed rest, but in order to do that, they need to play their minutes HARD!

Question from J-me
Hey Coach,
Since my last posting exactly a week ago after the Savannah State foul-fest, it seems as though the team has really begun to settle in defensively. I said it at the end of the S. State game and itís nice to see them hold steady and continue to look focused on the court. They have taken well to the full- court press and stayed at home with their defensive presence, causing turnovers that lead to easy scores. I know Longwood is a transition school, but much like Savannah State, you needed to really come out and play with the focus and intensity from start to finish.

I believed last year was a sleeper year for FAU and from how the season began this year, I'm back on the... FAU = "Sun Belt Sleeper" train once again!

Behind the Bench-Rowdy Rex,


Response from Head Coach Rex Walters
Thanks for the comments and support. We still have an awful lot of work to do to get ourselves to a higher level, but I do appreciate the support that we are getting from all of the fans and groups.

Go Owls,

Rex Walters

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