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January 17, 2008

Question from Rick
Do you still post to the blog? :)
Heard Jamal Owens transferred. Can you tell us where is he heading to?
Go Owls!

Response from Head Coach Rex Walters
We have tried to find Jamal a place that he could work on both his academics and time management skills. I believe Odessa Junior College (Texas) as well as Cowley County College (Kansas) has expressed interest. I want nothing but the best for him and hope he can straighten out some of the things that I was no longer going to put up with. Check back with me and once he has made a decision, I will let you know.


Rex Walters
FAU Basketball

Question from J-me
Good win on Saturday Coach,
I wanted to ask why Sammy Hernandez looks so lost out on the court. Has he been able to practice during his eligibility wait? He played a very lost five minutes on Saturday.

Also, with Nwoji stepping right in as the PG this season, are plays just not called for him to be aggressive towards the hoop? Everything he does he seems to be far outside. I am all for understanding the facilitating role of a PG but if he's able to drive, that can draw doubles away from Monroe and also allow the outside shots to open for Alarcon & Hughley.

One last thing... I've seen Hughely dunk, tell him to "go up strong"!

Response from Head Coach Rex Walters
Thanks for the emails. Sammy is going to get better. There are definitely some things that need to get better (conditioning, offensive rebounding, shot selection), but most of all when a player comes onto a team mid-season there is going to be a lot of adjustments to the team as well as the individual. Sammy will get better.

Carderro, I believe has done a solid job of running the team. I would like all of our players to be able to get to the basket more. Our shot selection if I could pick would simply be lay-ups first, post ups second, and then open three-pointers third. All of our plays are attempting to get those three types of shots (in that order) for all of our players.

And finally, I will give Chez your message....I love Dunks too. Rex Walters
FAU Basketball

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