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October 23, 2008

To Chris, Jared, Justin, James, Robert and others who have sent in their well-wishes, first of all God bless you and thank you very much for thinking about me and about FAU basketball… know this, I feel really, really blessed to be here and I am looking forward to the season. I hope you have got your season tickets and be with us as well.

To the great response from the local high school coaches in the area, FAU basketball practices are open to coaches and scouts who call our office at (561) 297-0097 and arrange your visit through one of our assistant coaches. We would love to have you or your staff, or even your team. However, media members who wish to come out to our practices must arrange that through our SID (561) 297-3063.

Question from Joe
Welcome aboard Coach Jarvis,
I am an alumnus of FAU. I'm closer to your age than I am to most of the kids that will be sending you questions on this blog.

I'm just a little curious. How are the moods of the seniors on the team? Do they feel some let down having to go through three coaches during their stay at FAU?

I wish you good luck and fortune during your career at FAU.

Response from Head Coach Mike Jarvis
Well Joe to be honest with you, they are kids and they are resilient, bouncing back better than most. I think initially they felt letdown, but you know what - they love to play and are glad they have a coach. Whether that coach’s is named Mike Jarvis or not they are going to be excited about playing. The time that I have been with them I can tell that we are both excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and have enjoyed being with each other and hopefully that will continue.

Question from Gerald Fuller
I was in attendance when you were speaking in Daytona Beach on October 3rd. First let me say that everything that I had previously heard about you was absolutely true. You are, without a doubt, one of the most articulate and competent coaches in America. I was especially impressed with your openness about being a Christian. I was truly blessed and enjoyed you more than I have enjoyed anyone in a long time. I was wondering if there was any information that you could send me on the exact principles and rules of your three man-to-man defenses. If you had any drills that you use to install these defenses it would be great as well. I would be appreciative of anything that you could send me.

Response from Head Coach Mike Jarvis
I definitely have something for you. If you would provide an address I can send you my booklet ‘Defense Wins,’ and would be glad to send that to you. The other thing I would invite you to do is to come and watch practice and see it first-hand. The great thing about drills, not only to I have some drills that I use, but basically what I do is break it down into its primary pieces. We do not do anything elaborate we just try to get it done the old fashioned way.

Question from Greg
Just wanted to say welcome to Owl Country! We are excited to have you. What can you tell us about the players in your first recruiting class? Will they get a chance to play right away?

Thanks and GO OWLS!!

Response from Head Coach Mike Jarvis
Yes, the players in my first recruiting class will play right away and my second recruiting class will play right away – anybody that we recruit should have the ability to play right away. We are very excited about the new players that we have, in light of the fact that we couldn’t begin recruitment until June. Shavar Richardson is worth coming to see, he is a scoring machine. Out of New York, this kid is special trust me. Alex Tucker a point-guard out of California is another very special player. Chris Watson from Florida is one of the most athletic players I have seen in a very long time. Nick Gagel can shoot the lights out and Justin Davis, who you won’t be able to see until next year is going to be a nice player for us. If we can get the kids we are trying to bring in for next year’s class we will even be more excited than we are right now.

Hi Coach and congrats on the new job - the Owls are very lucky to have you!

Sammy Hernandez did not get much playing time last year, despite coming to the team with a good run with George Mason and the final four.

What does his playing time look like for this year?

Best of luck and lots of fun along the way!

Response from Head Coach Mike Jarvis
The most pleasant surprise so far has been Sammy Hernandez. Sammy has dropped about 30 pounds already and is doing great. Sammy can play, I like Sammy a lot, he is a tough match up for anyone that will play against him because he is so wide, he is long and quick. The better shape Sammy gets into the more minutes he will play. I look for Sammy to play at least 20 minutes a game and I think he will contribute.

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