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March 26, 2009

Question from Jackson St. Hilaire
Hello, Coach Jarvis my question is will there be walk on positions for the 2009-2010 season? Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Response from Coach Jarvis
For the 2009-10 season we will have a full complement of scholarship athletes and a couple of guys that are good enough to earn a scholarship. So if we do have a walk-on position it may be for one spot.

Question from Grant
Coach I donít understand how we had such a bad Sun Belt record. Itís hard to back a team that gets blown out. I watched the UM game and was impressed but WKU was a mess, students don't want to see FAU on the bottom anymore. I know the team is supposed to be learning and all but, we want to WIN.

Response from Coach Jarvis
Well nobody wants to win more than us. It will take time but we will win. My recommendation is that you and the rest of the students keep coming and supporting the team. You are a huge part of this thing and we would love to have you along with us. Like I said, nobody wants to win more than we do, believe me.

Question from Grant McDonald
What is it going to take for us to complete for a Sun Belt title and get into postseason play in the NCAA or NIT and how long will this process take?

Response from Coach Jarvis
What it is going to take is better players, which we are trying to get and more players which we are also trying to get and think weíve got. Then of course performanceÖwith a bit of luck we can be one of those 65 teams within a year or two.

Question from Heath Orvis
Just heard you were coaching again. I know that you play Denver each year. When is your game against them in the 2009-2010 season in Denver? I would like to come down and watch a game. Hope all is well with the season and the new team.

Response from Coach Jarvis
Heath, I wish I had the schedule in front of me. The schedule is in the process of being finalized now. What I would suggest is to possibly write us again in a couple weeks and we can give you that exact date.

Question from Adrian
Just wanted to know how you plan to bounce back from a disappointing season. I'm defining disappointing record wise. I'm sure there are some learning experiences the team can glean from the season! How is recruiting coming along?

Response from Coach Jarvis
Well first of all the season was necessary in a lot of ways. It was a matter of not having enough capable bodies. That is being rectified as we speak. We will have a full a complement of scholarship athletes, at least two players at each position and we were competitive in most games but we just didnít have enough to win most of them.

The recruiting is coming along great. But recruits are recruits until they play. Nobody has ever won game by what a player did in high school but we are very, very pleased in the caliber of player and the fact that every young man we are bring in is coming from a winning team. That is very important.

Question from Bob Cumings
Hey Coach, I was so happy to learn from Okie that you are back "in the game." Say hi to Connie!!!!!

Response from Coach Jarvis
Hey Bob! Thank you for thinking about us. Connie is doing great and it is great to be back in the game. If you can put a word in for Mike (Jarvis II) up there it may go along way Ė he is better than his dad.

Question from Bob Hey coach just was wondering is Carlos coming back next year. If he does do you think as a coaching staff that he will be the go to man most of the time like he had been in the past, the points donít seem like they can get him the ball like the points in the past.

Response from Coach Jarvis
Carlos will not be back next year he has finished his eligibility. Hopefully he will be moving on to playing opportunities overseas.

Question from Zach
Hey coach I met u in the airport on your way to Kentucky; you were on my plane what were the expectations in coming into the game?

Response from Coach Jarvis
Kentucky was one of those games where we had everything to gain and nothing to lose. Going into Rupp Arena, playing in front of the largest home crowd in the nation and we had a chance to win like we did in most games. We didnít make the big shots when we had to, hopefully next year we will make some of those big shots.

Question from Michael
Do you think you will find any gems from Tallahassee like you did in Marcus because right now, you need a Marcus?

Response from Coach Jarvis
Well we think we have a couple of gems coming in. The Marcus you refer to I assume is Marcus Hatton who played for me at St. Johnís, an incredible talent. There are very few Marcusís that have played college basketball. Hopefully we will find another one like him and we are looking like crazy.

Question from Steve Sanker
We think it is fantastic to have you at FAU! What is your philosophy on out of state walk-ons?

Response from Coach Jarvis
First of all thank you, it is great to be here at FAU. My philosophy about walk-ons, out-of-state or in-state, it really depends on how many scholarship athletes we will have. Next year we will have a full contingent of scholarship players which hopefully will be 13. When that happens, you really donít have very much room Ė maybe enough for one walk-on.

Question from To Bless to Be Stress
Hi Mr. Jarvis a straight to the point question I was told that you are looking to get rid of all Rexís players. Is this true? I must say you have some fine men on your team. Your attitude is that you are too good for this team. Every problem has a solution. If we stay at a problem, keep thinking, and don't quit, one day we will find the answer.

Response from Coach Jarvis
Letís try and do our best to address these commentsÖ we are not trying to get rid of anybodyís players because first of all the players donít belong to any one human, they belong to God. What I am trying to find are the right players for FAU. Some of those players may be players that Matt Doherty or Rex Walters brought in. The key is we have to find 10, 11, 12 guys that all play well together as a team and have the ability to complement one another. When that happens we will win.

Question from Tony Bazzell
Mike J, it's been a long timeÖ Hope all is well... How are Mrs. J and the rest of the family? We (Michele, the kids and I) are okay Aaron (Michigan State), Anya (Boston University), Andrew (high school junior), Alex (8th grade). I am teaching at Banneker H.S. in Georgia. (Assistant varsity basketball coach, Head baseball coach)...Good luck the rest of the season. TBazz

Response from Coach Jarvis
Hey T! I got your email now so I will be able to email you back. It is great to hear from you and that the family is doing well. Sounds like education is still primary in the Bazzell household... Tell Michelle hi. Connie is doing great; Mike is back as my associate head coach and is doing well. Look forward to seeing you soon I hope. I can remember those days back at Cambridge Rindge and Latin. Take care.

Question from Dean
I know the media might be giving you a hard time because of the losses but we want you to know that we the fans very much still support you. You see us in the stands. Our average attendance has swelled over 1,000 per game. This is a program on the rise. We believe.

Response from Coach Jarvis
Well we believe too. The fact that the attendance is up for a team that is not winning a lot of ball games is an indication of how serious the interest level is. Our team will improve and so will the attendance in the stands. Hopefully next year we can double that number to over 2,000 per game. When that happens you will know we are on the rise.

Question from Dave Larson FAU Ď78
I want to thank you for spending time with the small group of Alumni that showed up for the FAU vs. UNT game. I appreciate the answers to all the questions I had about the team and the effort you are making your team members solid student athletes. I am glad you joined FAU and look forward to many seasons watching the program grow.

Response from Coach Jarvis
Well Dave, as I mentioned that night you can not go to the future without taking a strong look at the past. There are a lot of great things and memories that have happened with the former players and people surrounding the program at FAU. We are hoping to build on that and need people like you to be involved with the program. Thank you for kind words, I enjoyed meeting you. May God bless you and your family.

Question from Ted and Tiffiny
We wish you the best at your new position at FAU. I am sure that you will not only provide excellent coaching, but also encourage the athletes to get the most important benefit of their time at FAU - the life long education they need. God bless.

Response from Coach Jarvis
Hey Ted and Tiffany, may God bless you. Thank you for the email. We are working at it. We are trying to do some of the things we had done with similar programs I know you are aware of. Look forward to speaking with you soon.

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