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January 8, 2009

Question from Justin
What is one thing you tell your players no matter where you have coached that will make them know you have them 100 percent and they can back you 100 percent?

Response from Coach Jarvis
Well first of all, one of the things that I never try to forget is where we get our talents from and where we get our gifts from. What I want all of our players to do, is the same thing I wish for myself and that is maximize my gifts. These gifts we have are meant to be shared. We have an opportunity when we are together, whether we are playing a game or not, to do want God wants us to do and that is to try and make this experience the best possible experience we can have together. If they in turn understand that, it usually leads us down the right path.

Question from Keith
Being one of your biggest fans, I am overjoyed that you have returned to coaching. My question is in two parts. How has the college game changed since you last walked the sidelines? What has been the biggest challenge you've face?

Response from Coach Jarvis
The college game at times looks more like the pro game to me now. There is a lot more individualism in it then there has been in the past, and I think at times too much. I think there is a lot more dribbling then there should be. The game is played at its best and most beautifully when there is passing and guys are cutting. I don't think kids really, really understand the game as well as they used to. They play too many games throughout the year, don't practice enough, and donít study the game enough. But I definitely think the players are getting better, but not so sure the game is getting better.

Secondly the biggest challenge we face as coaches is trying to make guys understand that this is a team game and not about them individually. I think we live in a ME society. We live in an instant gratification society. Kids and adults alike want everything now and want it for themselves. I think the biggest challenge is to get our guys to be team players, and more specifically at the defensive end which is the most team orientated part of basketball. To get guys to really understand that it is about five guys, and not about one.

Question from Brett
You have been playing so many games on the road and it has been tough. What is it going to take to get some of these teams to come to play us at the FAU Arena? I would love to have season tickets to see some great games in Boca. Thanks coach, best of luck, we are behind you and the guys!

Response from Coach Jarvis
Well Brett, we have played a lot of road games but we also play a lot of home games. We have great teams coming in to play us. Teams like Western Kentucky and South Alabama. If you are waiting for Duke or Kentucky to come to FAU forget about it, it is not going to happen. Those teams have 15-thousand seat arenas and pay schools like us to come and play them there. They just will not come here and play us. You are going to have to support us in the games we have and there are a lot of good ones. Every game in college basketball is potentially a good game so don't wait for Kentucky or Duke or Florida to come play us in our gym. Come to the games we do have.

Question from Manny
What will your new players need to do this off-season to improve? Do you stress a tough off-season program for your players? What kinds of things do you recommend for them, with drills and conditioning and so forth?

Response from Head Coach Jarvis
During the off-season is where you develop your base, whether it's your fundamental base, conditioning base, or strength base. Our off-season program will be very structured and organized and very much tailored to each individual's need. Some players need more upper body strength, some players need more agility. Some need quickness, some need stamina. There will also be time spent on fundamentals, dribbling and ball handling. It will be tailor-made for each player. Each player will have an off-season program and with more players and more competition and better conditioned players, things are definitely going to be on the rise at FAU.

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