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Coach Green Responds

Jan. 15, 2004

Question from Spider Murphy: How would you compare your current stars, Mike Bell, with that of your former UNLV teammate Richie Adams?

A: Spider, Mike Bell is more of a finesse player. Richie Adams was a power player. Richie was one of the most talented players that I have ever played with. His shot blocking ability and tenacity is the best I have ever experienced in a player.

Question from Walter A. Worona: I was recently in Florida on vaction and attended the Mary Washington basketball game with my wife. We had a great time and were very impressed with the team and the 101-61 victory. Good luck with the rest of the season. I will be following the team on line and in the newspaper.

A: Walter, Thank you for attending our game. We appreciate your support. Look forward to seeing you next year at our games during the holidays.

Question from Rex Knofsky: Congratulations on your recruiting class this year!!! How would you grade your team at this point in the season and what areas are you all focused on improving as you move through the season?

A: Rex, We are progressing very well and as planned. We played a tough non-conference schedule against four major conference schools (SEC, USA, Big East and Colonial) to prepare us for conference play. The areas we will focus on for conference are: 1. defense 2. free throw and 3. rebounding.

Question from Jessie Blake: Any news on a new stadium? How do you feel about playing in a split facility? I've never been to Syracuse. How does it work out there?

A: Jessie, It is my understanding the new stadium facility is moving forward. It would be a tremendous advantage to FAU to practice and play in a new facility. That type of structure would help recruiting by introducing prospective student-athletes to FAU and would make a big impression. Upgraded facilities would also mean a more pleasurable experience for fans. Fans in South Florida are sophisticated and expect first rate facilities. The fact that it would be shared with the football team is almost irrelevant.

Question from Justin Dirico: With such a dismal season last year how did we manage such solid recruits and three commitments in the early period? How many more recruits do you see for next year? Do you feel the football team and Sunbelt were litigating factors? Do you see a domed stadium by 2008? With the speculation of the NCAA forcing the Sunbelt back to a 1AA conference in the next few years where does leave FAU (MAC, USA, 1AA, SEC??)? Thanks Mr. Green and good luck, I'll see you at the big dance. And lets work on the "d" a bit.

A: Justin, We landed our "solid recruits" by working extremely hard and not being afraid to take no for an answer. I also believe last year's season was an aberration. Injuries and other factors took its toll on the team. It is clear this program is slowly, but surely, gaining momentum. Prospective student-athletes want to go to a school which provides a quality education and play on a team that is competitive on the highest levels. FAU fulfills those objectives. Moving into the Sun Belt Conference will allow FAU to be exposed to an even higher level of play. The future of FAU basketball is bright.



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