December 23, 2009

Question from Mark
Coach Mac,
In a 7 game series which team would win, the '99 team with the winning streak or the '02 team that won a regional? Pros or Cons as to why? Have a happy holiday with your family and to all current "Blue Wave" players and alumni.

Response from Head Coach John McCormack
I appreciate your email and that is certainly a very good question. I think that I would give the 99 team the edge for one reason starting pitching. I feel that both staffs were very good (obviously), but Moser, Jackson, and Cali was a formidable top three compared to Core, Pillsbury, and Nesmith. Both teams possessed a strong will to win and had outstanding team leaders. Offensively, the teams were similar, but 2002 was a bit more versatile. That certainly would be a great series.

Thanks for the question and I hope you have a great Holiday. Take care