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February 25, 2009

Question from Rudy
Coach McCormack,
I am your typical Baseball Dad, two boys ages 11 & 13, who can never see too many games. Whenever my kids aren't playing we try to make it to the FAU games which are fantastic. Are you still offering the $1 admission for Kids that play youth baseball and come to the game in their Jersey and Cap? You need to get the word out to the community that there is great baseball right in their backyard at a great price, especially in this economy.

One last think, when I looked at the Schedule I was excited to see Stony Brook. I am an alum from the class of 90. You can imagine it was the last team I expected to see playing all the way down here. Thanks so much and go FAU!!

Response from Head Coach John McCormack
Thank you for your email. Yes, we are still running the same programs and I have asked our marketing department to contact you directly. Thanks for the email and we appreciate all your support. Take care.

Question from Marc
Coach McCormack,
What are your thoughts after the 1st weekend series? What are some areas you were pleased with and what areas were you disappointed with? Was the third game of the series just a result of both teams running out of pitching?


Response from Head Coach John McCormack
Thank you for your email. I was pleased with the bullpen during the first two games. I also thought that position players swung the bats well all weekend. I would like to see the starters go deeper into the game and that would take some pressure of the bullpen. In addition I thought defensively we have to be better. The Sunday game was a result of a number of things: both pens were a little thin, defensively we made three errors they made four, and of course I thought both teams swung it well. Thanks again for your email. Please keep them coming.

John McCormack

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