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Diamond Diary by Kevin Cooney

April 16, 2003

Campbell...Two humps or One?

It looked at first that the weekend would be an easy, non-eventful trip to Buies Creek. Then we hit the first hump!

Chris Saxton is carving up the Camels in his first start, carrying a perfect game into the fifth of a seven inning affair. Suddenly a bloop single, a walk, and a fly ball to left, that jammed the Campbell hitter so badly you could hear him cursing his swing as he ran to first, and we suddenly trail 3-2 as the wind carries the fly ball over the left field fence. No problem. Coxie hits a home run and we are tied again, then Evan Brannon catches the Camel catcher sleeping and steals home to put us up one. Saxton gets two quick ground ball outs and then stumbles as he delivers a pitch that hits the batter. Then a sinker goes in the opposite direction off Orton's glove and the tying run is at second. Now we trip over the hump as the Campbell batter singles up the middle to tie the game. The next batter reaches and we switch pitchers. The wind couldn't possibly blow another routine fly ball over the fence, can it? Wrong, camel breath! We go down two and that's the way the game ends.

The Second Hump... The Campbell pitcher is carving us up and we aren't stopping their offense. Before you know it we are down three and things look bleak in Buies Creek. Up steps Rusty Brown who lines a rocket over the right field fence and we are now tied. After a Shaen O'Connor hit and Ryan in to run, I'm asking Mac if he thinks I should hit Pali for Rob Horst to get a lefty - righty matchup with the new relief pitcher. Fortunately, I heed Mac's advice and let Horst go up and hit a monsterous two-run homer for the game winner. We got over one hump that day.

Friday night saw us hit like crazy and get another good effort from Danny Core. He drew praise from the Campbell coach, and Danny didn't really have his best stuff. He just knows how to pitch! Cox made three highlight reel plays and Fiorentino launched one over the scoreboard. Shaen crushed one as well, and the power was in full force on a cold wet night.

What's Next?

UCF...I'll talk about them tomorrow, or maybe Wednesday.

Things to Be Thankful For...

1. Danny Core and the rest of our pitchers.

2. Our home run hitters.

3. Rusty brown being named Male Student-Athlete of the Year.

4. There were no cars coming down my street yesterday when Maggie shifted the truck into neutral, and she and Luke took their first spin backwards down our driveway and across the street, ending in a perfect parallel parking position!

5. Whoever watches over kids KC



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