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Diamond Diary by Kevin Cooney

April 5, 2004

Held Up Without A Gun...

If you want to hear that song, you need to go to disc three of The Essential Bruce Springsteen. It's taken from a New Year's Eve concert at the Nassau Coliseum in 1980. This track includes some serious singing by Little Steven Van Zandt, better known now as Silvio on the Sopranos.

The first thing that needs to be said is "hats off to the Hatters". After a hard fought, emotional, back and forth, loss to us on Friday night, the Stetson kids and coaches were able to continue the same sort of game on Saturday. Not many people would feel capable of coming back against a pitcher like Randy Beam after being down 7-0 and then 8-1. But come back they did.

Our kids were equal to the task, and we answered the Stetson charge each time. The seven inning game was now in the tenth inning and its third hour, as Rusty Brown delivered a two-run double to put us back on top. But the bottom of the tenth became an FAU nightmare.

How many times can you have two outs and make mistakes that prevent getting the third and final one?

We misplayed a groundball into a bad hop single and set the stage. Reliever Allen Knight did his job and threw what appeared to be strike three, but the plate umpire disagreed. The next hitter saw the same result, twice. Finally a base hit by Joey Wilson sealed our fate and Stetson had completed their comeback.

We went from a sure series win and good chance for a sweep, to having to emotionally regroup in thirty minutes and salvage a split.

We were unable to pull it off despite a solid effort from Matt O'Brien on the mound. The game winning hit was set up by us not properly executing a bunt defense, so we have no one to blame but ourselves. After all the offense of Friday night and Saturday's first game, all we could muster was a run driven in on a fielder's choice.

Friday night we won a 9-8 thriller. The weekend pattern was established early, as we took an early two-run lead, only to have Stetson tie it in the second inning. We scored one in the third and three in the fourth, only to see Stetson answer with one in the fourth and three in the fifth to tie it at six. Rob Horst doubled in a run to give us a lead in the seventh, but Stetson roared back with two in the eighth to take an 8-7 lead.

The ninth inning seemed to take two hours to play. After Mike McBryde grounded out, Jeff Fiorentino lifted a fly ball down the left field line. The night's strong winds blew it out of the shortstop's reach, and untouched onto the ground. Fiorentino then stole second bringing the hot hitting Rob Horst to the plate. The Old Man scorched a double down the left field line and then alertly rumbled into third as the relay was overthrown. Tim Mascia calmly laid down a perfect suicide squeeze and we again had the lead.

Stetson came right back in the bottom of the ninth with a leadoff single by Bryan Zenchyk. A wild pitch advanced him to second. Reliever Chris Saxton then walked Paritz. It was clear that Chris did not have his usual stuff. He was wild high which is unusual for him.

Stetson then attempted to sacrifice the runners over, but Jeff Fiorentino made a great play on the bunt to get the lead runner at third. One out... two more to get.

Leadoff hitter Shane Jordan reached on a fielder's choice, as we forced Tindle at second. Jordan can fly, so we had no chance to turn the double play. First and third two outs...Joey Wilson coaxed a walk to load the bases.

Braedyn Pruitt, a freshman from Palm Beach County having a great year, steps in and runs the count to 3-0.

Chris Saxton has been here before. Actually it was last year at Miami in a tie game, bases loaded, 3-0 to Ryan Braun, another pretty good freshman.

Chris got the sign and calmly threw strike one. The Ice Man does it again. The next pitch is bounced to shortstop on a field whose surface plays like Highway 61. Alex Fonseca races in for the short hop, gloves it and throws a strike to first. Game over!

What a weekend! Those games contained about as much emotion, character, and resiliency as you could ever hope to see young men display. Like I said to Coach Dunn after Saturday's games, he should be proud of his players. I was of mine. KC



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