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Diamond Diary by Kevin Cooney

April 2, 2003

Hurricane Warnings!

"Look, if you had one seize everything you ever wanted. One moment...Would you capture it or just let it slip?"

A year ago I didn't think that I would be quoting Eminem. I saw him as an angry, conniving, money hungry punk who was using the emptiness and angst of young people to make a name for himself. The first time I saw his face was on a poster in my son Jeff's room while we were going at it pretty hard. Eminem's face was screwed up in a scowl and he was signaling that I was number 1 with both hands. I ripped the poster down and tore it to pieces. Pretty mature, huh?

Things have calmed down a lot since then. Jeff has actually shown me that if you look past the wrapping on the package, there is often something good to be found in the box. Eminem may be a little vulgar, but that is part and parcel of the society that we inhabit. I think it all started when Bart Simpson first said "sucks" on TV.

Anyway...Eminem is probably the most played artist on our team. If you get the chance to read his lyrics and get past the language, he has some powerful things to say.

Our "one shot" is tonight against Miami. We have a great record, yes. We are in first place in the A-Sun and ranked in all the major polls. Baseball America has stuck by us and has us at #17. But, the truth is we better win tonight. Skeptics point at our schedule. The FIU wins are the only ones that stand out among a number of teams with poor records.

Miami was a team under scrutiny this past weekend. They came up big. They didn't "just let it slip". Their three game sweep of no. 2 Georgia Tech silenced the critics and set Miami on the right course. We need to do the same. We will not play another ranked team the rest of the schedule. "One shot".

Are we ready? Will Danny Core's sore knee be healed enough for him to hold the Hurricanes down to Tropical Storms? Will we hit the good pitching of Miami anywhere near as well as we did the guys from Samford?

"So here I go... it's my shot... feet fail me not... cuz maybe the only opportunity that I got!" KC



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