Diamond Diary by Kevin Cooney

Feb. 21, 2003


A good night for Chris Pillsbury and Derek Hutton. Both of these guys played key roles last year and have struggled so far this season. It was good to see Chris look so fundamentally sound throughout the game. He has been working real hard to make some mechanical adjustments. Tonight his hard work paid off. The same can be said for Derek. He has worked hard of late and spent some games on the bench. Tonight's 3-4 and a run scored on a steal of home should make him feel good.

We are changing tomorrow's schedule because of the impending bad weather forecast for Saturday night and Sunday morning. Now we have to play two nine inning games starting at noon. Oh well...Maggie and Luke have me up by 6:30 anyway. I just hope our boys get some rest. Tomorrow is a big day. KC



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