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Diamond Diary by Kevin Cooney

Feb. 15, 2003

Eastern Michigan Weekend...FIU...Random Thoughts

Tonight we open a three game series with Eastern Michigan University. It's nice to still be at home rather than going on the road. I feel that our kids enjoy playing in their own ballpark and in front of their friends and fans. Eastern Michigan should be a good opponent. They have a couple of kids who got some All American and pre draft attention. Their coach is a good guy.

FIU... What a great game. Who has seen a college game played in two hours during the past century? Two great pitchers went head to head, with Josh Banks coming out on top against Danny Core. There were 23 strikeouts in the game. We actually hit the ball well and had some good swings throughout the game. At least three balls would have been out on an ordinary night, but that's the way it goes. Doc Schneider called and said it was one of the best played games he had seen in years. Doc has seen a lot of games.

I was confident we would win because Wednesday was my father's birthday. Joe Cooney would have been 95 but three packs of Camels per day took their toll back in 1985. He was great at my Little League games because he pretty much remained quiet. Occasionally he would yell " C'mon Mike!" and my teammates would be trying to figure out to whom he was speaking. Dad wanted to name me Mike, but my brother is Pat, and my Mom was afraid there would be anti Irish Pat&Mike jokes. I guess you had to have grown up in the '20's an 30's to worry about that. No one I knew ever heard of those jokes. My Dad just refused to use Kevin. I don't ever remember him calling me anything but Mike. He was only 5'5'' tall and about 130 lbs, but he was a tough little guy. He was a good man.

Lately, I have let this diary slide a bit. Last year I really grew to enjoy putting thoughts down about games and things in the program. Those who have read them know that at times, much of it was personal. Some times are easier than others to be open and personal. Each of us has daily struggles to face and we need to keep plugging away. "You need to learn to live with what you can't rise above" is a good line from a Springsteen song. Life's curveballs and sliders have to be faced. Sometimes the at bat is a tough one, but in a nine inning game and a 56 game season, you will get a lot of chances for good at bats. The secret is to hang in there. KC



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