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Diamond Diary by Kevin Cooney

Jan. 31, 2003

A New Year!

Sitting in the Hampton Inn, Daytona Beach. Batting practice is two hours away. Bethune- Cookman is our first opponent.

Is this real? Didn't last year just end? Where the heck is Lyttle?

Well, this is no dream. The season starts tonight and I finally feel that I am ready. Our players definitely are, but I have been slow to awaken from hibernation. Another year on the road, away from family, and in the company of hopeful, confident, and somewhat innocent young men. I've got a great job!

There are higher expectations for this group of players than any in the history of Florida Atlantic University. Those expectations are probably justified in light of the accomplishments of last season and the number of good players returning from that club.

Jeff Fiorentino, Derek Hutton, Rusty Brown, Shaen O'Connor, Matt Pali, Chris Pillsbury, Matt O'Brien, Mike Cox, Chris Della Rocco, Brad Ingwell, Mike Cox, Robbie Orton, Sterling Pell, Mark Gilmore, James Callahan, Travis NeSmith, and Danny Core... these guys are determined to continue what they started last year. We've added some new names that you'll get to know as you read these pages this season.

It all starts tonight at 7:00. Tune in to for the play by play as Danny Core takes the mound and the journey begins again.




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