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Spirit Teams Program Information

Jan. 2, 2014

Spirit Team Program Information

Tryouts for the Coed, All-Girl, and Dance squads will be held in May 2014. To be eligible to tryout, you must have a letter of acceptance from Florida Atlantic University admissions office, or currently be enrolled as a full-time student at the University. You must also submit the registration form with a photo, the consent to participate form and a physician's physical release form (dated and signed by a doctor within the last 12 months). We are always looking for quality people to fulfill the role of ambassadors for the University, and new talent to strengthen our competitive squads.

  • Perform half-time and sideline routines at FAU football and basketball games
  • Travel to select away football games
  • Perform at FAU events including homecoming activities--parade, pre-game and football games
  • Perform for charitable organizations, local schools, and spirit events
  • Promote spirit and support all FAU athletic teams
  • Serve as ambassadors of Florida Atlantic University and to uphold, reflect, and project the goals and ideals of Florida Atlantic University
  • Maintain a positive attitude and approach every challenge in a professional manner
  • Compete at the National UDA Dance Team and UCA Cheer Team Competition in Orlando, Florida

Spirit Team Requirements:

           Per 2010-11 NCAA... Prospective tryout participants must turn in the signed Medical Physical and History Forms with a copy of the Sickle Cell Solubility Test lab report prior to the tryout. No exceptions!

           Must be currently enrolled or accepted to Florida Atlantic University. 
Attach to the FAU application a copy of your official letter of acceptance from the Florida Atlantic University's Admissions Office. Current Florida Atlantic University students should attach "Enrollment Verification" from the University Registrar and proof of overall GPA.

           Must have a completed physical (within the last 12 months) and proof of insurance.

           Current students must have a cumulative overall GPA of 2.0 or better.

           REQUIRED COMMITMENTS AND DATES: Must be able to attend all rehearsals, practices, workouts, games, summer rehearsals and other related activities during the 2014-2015 year.

Frequently Asked Questions are below any additional questioins should be directed to Lisa Snowden





ARE THERE ANY HEIGHT & WEIGHT REQUIREMENTS? We DO NOT have specific height and weight requirements. Team body fat testing is taken twice a year and the results are monitored by the trainer, team doctor, and nutritionist. Personal health and fitness are an important aspect of the program.

CAN HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS AUDITION? Yes, if you are accepted to Florida Atlantic University.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO AUDITIONS? You should wear a 2-piece dance attire of your choice. Top--dance midriff or athletic sports bra top; bottom--dance booty shorts; (optional) skin colored dance tights; and dance shoes of any type. Wear something that distinguishes you from the other dancers!


Our judges will use the following selection criteria:

Dance Technique and Skills Enthusiasm, Energy, & Spirit Tumbling Skills

Showmanship, Projection, Poise Personal Appearance Personality

Flexibility--High Kicks/Splits Punctuality
Team player



Dancers should be able to execute the following skills. These and other dance skills could be incorporated into audition dances and are not limited to the following skills. Special notice will be given to those executing advanced skills.

Turns--Pirouettes--double, triple, quad (left and right); Fouettes in second; spotting turns (front, side, back, side); Chaine; Pique, Illusion

Leaps--Grand Jete, Attitude (Calypso), Axle, Leap to second or switch second, reverse Jetes, Toe Touch, Pike, Hurdler

Flexibility--Leg extension (front and side) with and/or without hold.

Acrobatic/Gymnastics--Forward/backward rolls, cartwheels, headstands, shoulder rolls, backbends, front/back walkers, scorpion, handstands

Hip Hop--Stalls, jumps, kip up, head springs (with hand support)


HOW SHOULD I WEAR MY MAKE-UP AND HAIR? Use make-up shades that complement your natural beauty. Hair should be worn in a current hairstyle that compliments your features. Make sure your hair does not hide your face. Face and hair should be "game ready."


WHEN DO I REPORT FOR AUDITIONS? Check-in will be noted when the audition date is selected. An audition number will be given to each candidate. Numbers must be worn at all times. Auditions will begin immediately following check-in. DO NOT BE LATE!

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING TO AUDITIONS? Bring personal items, warm-up, dance shoes and snacks. Water will be provided. Having everything you need will help you feel confident when auditioning.

 Auditions are normally a two day process that last the entire two days. Cuts will be made after skill evaluations and throughout the audition process. Should your number be announced, you will advance to the next round and new materials will be taught.

CAN I BELONG TO OTHER DANCE TEAMS and/or DANCE GROUPS? Because of the demanding program requirements associated with the FAU Dance team, dancers selected to the FAU Dance team will not be allowed to perform or participate with any other dance teams/groups with the exception of FAU Dance classes, or those events approved by the Crimson Cabaret Coordinator. Teaching and/or choreographic commitments must be approved by the coaching staff of FAU Dance.

CAN MY FAMILY WATCH AUDITIONS? No. The auditions are closed to the public.




The Cheerleading Program consists of two teams, Navy and White squads. Both squads perform at all home football games as well as cheers at men's and women's basketball games. The Purple squad also cheers at men's basketball games and tournament games. Both squads will be seen at countless Florida Atlantic events as well as public appearances.



When are tryouts? FAU cheerleading tryouts are held each May prior to the upcoming season.

Does the FAU cheerleading program offer scholarships?
Yes, we do offer partial scholarships. The amount available depends on the amount that is approved through the athletic budget.

Doe you have a coed and an all girl squad? 
FAU is proud to have opportunities on both coed and all girl teams. Our program consists of two three teams: Navy (advanced skill level) and White.

Is the coaching staff certified? 
All members of the coaching staff are AAACA Certified and follow AAACA and NCAA Guidelines.

Does your team compete? 
Our main priority is to serve as ambassadors for the FAU Athletic Teams and the University. If our schedule permits us to travel to a competition and still fulfill our role with our teams, we will compete. The decision to compete will be made on a yearly basis, based on our obligations to our athletic teams and University and the readiness of the team.

Can I tryout by video? 
It is the policy of the coaching staff not to accept video prior to tryouts. It is our goal to keep the tryout with an equal advantage for everyone, with that in mind we like to see everyone at tryouts without any preconceived judging.

What I can do to prepare for tryouts? 
The best way to prepare yourself for tryouts is to continue sharpening your stunting and tumbling skills. Endurance is a must to make it through tryouts, the season, and continue with the program. Proper nutrition and adequate hydration are very important. Eat well balanced meals and drink lots of fluids.

Do I need a physical from my doctor before tryouts? 
Yes, the physical must be dated no more than 12 months from the date of tryouts.

The tryouts begin before my dorm opens, can I request an early move in? 
No, the cheer team is not able to assist with early move in requests.

When are practice times and what do they entail? 
Both teams practice Tuesdays 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., and Thursdays 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. We also lift weights with the FAU Athletics Strength and Conditioning coaches - time to be announced. All practices and weight training are mandatory. *Please note that in the first two weeks prior to our first home football game we add additional practices to our schedule.

How much time does it require to participate with the program? 
Our season begins during the month of July with highly recommended practices. The season will officially begin one-and-one-half weeks prior to classes beginning in August (sometimes earlier if we attend a camp) and continues through end of April. With game days included we spend up to 20 hours per week participating in practices, weights, games, and appearances. Cheerleading is a huge commitment! It is also very rewarding! It is possible to participate with the program and be successful academically. It takes self-discipline, organization, and the ability to set priorities.


CHEER will be judged on the following:

Positions available: Flyers, Bases, Back Spots, and Tumblers for all 3 squads will be selected.


Fight Song (includes Standing Back Handspring and back tuck)

  • 1 Band Chant Routines
  • 1 Team Cheer/Chants
  • Tumbling (Female Participants for Coed and All Girls Squads) 
All tumbling skills should be mastered prior to tryouts. Instruction is not provided.
  • Round Off (Mandatory)
  • Tumbling pass with 3 or more elements (Mandatory)
  • Standing Back Handspring/Standing 2 Back Handspring (Mandatory)
  • Standing Back Tuck


  • Stunts - Coed and All Girl Squad
  • Tryout Stunts will be decided based on abilities of current team skill level and overall skill level of tryout participants
  • Basic stunt examples are:
  • Walk in Hands - Full Down
  • Toss Extension - Full Pop Off
  • Hop-N-Go Heel Stretch Full or Double Down




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