Stephanie Rodriguez
Stephanie  Rodriguez

Coral Springs, FL


Nickname: Steph, Chacha, Steph Rod

Years on the team: 3rd Year

Hometown: Coral Springs, FL

Major: Business/Communications

Career Goal: Public Relations Director

Lifetime Goal: Do workshops around the world, given knowledge through dancing.

Role Model(s): Mother/Aunts/Shaun Evaristo

Hobbies: Dancing of course and drawing.

Favorite Movie: Center Stage, FAME, Gladiator

Favorite type of music: Hip Hop, Spanish Reggae,

Favorite meal: anything chipotle

Junk food weakness: Chips (Salt and Vinegar)!!

Favorite sport to play: Flag Football and Soccer.

Favorite time of the year and why: Christmas, I like being home for the holidays and seeing the snow and fall time in New York.

What would you do if you won the lottery: Take a vacation for a year, travel around the world. Then I would invest in a dance studio. The rest I would save it and give some to my family of course.

I've always wanted to: Do a workshop with Nick Demoura.

Describe your personal style: Preppy/Bohemian, try to be current with fashion. You can't go wrong with a shirt and jeans.

Words to live by/ Favorite Quote: "Use your SMILE to change this world, don't let this world change your SMILE".

My best and worst habits are: Worst: trust to easily Best: accepting

My ideal vacation is: Athens, Greece

One word that best describes you: Upbeat


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