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Nya Smith
Nya  Smith


Miami, FL


Name: Nyamekye

Nickname: Nya, Nemy, Nemo

Years on the Team:second year

Dance Experience: I've been dancing on dance teams at all of my schools: nine years!

Hometown: Miami, FL

Nationality: Jamaican

Major: Communications

Favorite Types of Music: I listen to almost every genre of music, but my favorite will always be hip-hop/rap.

Hobbies: Besides dancing: Watching Netflix and listening to/discovering new music

Biggest Pet Peeve: Wet socks, when guys sag their pants (especially when they're wearing a belt) and improper grammar.

People of Influence (why?): Choreographer Willdabeast! I have been following him on his journey for years now. He started up just making dance videos on YouTube, and years later he's worked his way up to becoming a choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance. He showed me that anything is possible if you stay humble and continue to do what you love simply because you love it and not necessarily for the fame.

Favorite Quote: "The limit does not exist!" - Cady Heron

One Thing Most People Don't Know About You: My name is from Ghana. It means "Gift of God" and I was given this name because I was born on my mother's birthday, so technically I was my mother's birthday "GIFT."

One Word That Best Describes You: Comical

Favorite thing about FAU Dance: Performing twice at each basketball game and showing the audience a different side of the team than they're used to.

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