Nya Smith
Nya Smith


Miami, FL


Name: Nyamekye Smith

Nickname: Nya, Nemy, or Nemo

Years on the team: this is my first year!

Dance experience: I have been dancing for 8 years now! 3 years in middle school, 4

years all throughout highschool.

Hometown: Miami

Nationality: Jamaican

Major: communication

Favorite types of music: mostly hip- hop, but I'm very open to all genres.

Favorite movies: Elf, I Am Legend, Mean Girls

Favorite Books: The Road

Favorite Dessert: Everything.

Hobbies: Listening/Discovering new music, anything computer related

Biggest pet peeve: bad grammar!

People of influence: my mother because she is honestly the most amazing woman I've

ever known.

Dream vacation: Jamaica

Favorite quote: "How you going to win when you ain't right within?" - Lauryn Hill

One thing most people don't know about you: I am a former 3x spelling bee champ (which would explain my hate for bad grammar) I was in the spelling bee every year from 1st to 5th grade.

One word that describes you: Humorous!