Danni Perez
Danni Perez


Miami. FL

Exercise Science

Name: Danielle Alyssa Perez

Nickname: HAPPYJ

Years on the Team: 1st year

Dance Experience: Dancing for fourteen years. Alumni of Coral Reef Senior High's Performing Arts Program. Danced with Dance Empire of Miami's company for five years.

Hometown: Miami ;)

Nationality: Puerto Rican

Major: Exercise Science

Favorite Types of Music: Indie

Favorite Movies: Van Helsing & Moulin Rouge

Favorite Books: Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

Favorite Dessert: Apple pie with vanilla ice scream

Hobbies: Lip singing in my room by myself (don't judge)

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people snap their fingers at me

People of Influence (why?): Queen Elizabeth, because despite all the obstacles that were against her, she had one of the most successful reigns in England history. She is a true inspiration to woman.

Dream Vacation: A cruise around the world with friends who are just as crazy and philosophical as I am.

Favorite Quote: "Life isn't about finding yourself, its about creating yourself" - Anonymous

One Thing Most People Don't Know about You: I'm terrified of the dark

One Word That Best Describes You: Hungry