Ashley Weidner
Ashley  Weidner


Tallahassee, FL

Exercise Science


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Name (first and last): Ashley Weidner

Nickname: Ash

Years on the Team: 4

Cheer Experience: Middle school and high school as well as competitive for 3+ years.

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

Nationality: Citizen of the US

Major: Exercise Science

Favorite Types of Music: Country music all the way but love to listen to oldies and house music every once and awhile!

Favorite Movies: Bridesmaids, The Great Gatsby, The Guardian, Crazy stupid love, Pitch Perfect, Forest Gump and I could go on and on and on but anything that funny, romantic, and action packed. NO SCARY MOVIES

Favorite Books: I don't normally read but I'll read anything that catches my eye. Have to keep it interesting and usually action packed or romance novels.

Favorite Dessert: Apple Crossata!!! It's like apple pie but better for your taste buds

Hobbies: A recent hobby I have picked up is paddle boarding! I could go out on the water every day if I could. My favorite things to do during my spare time is exercise and do cardio as well as strength training.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Undecided between people chomping their gum or tapping their pencil on their desk during an exam!!!

People of Influence (why?): Definitely my mom. She has the biggest influence on me for two reasons: 1. Once she has a passion for something she will never quit or turn her back away from it for example my mom is a marathon runner and has been for almost 3 years. 2. My mom is always right no matter what the situation is. I know that with any hardships in life my mom is the go to because she will always be there for me and she gives the best advice.

Dream Vacation: I've always wanted to go to Paris. This dream started when I was in high school taking French class. My teacher got me obsessed with Paris. My dream is to get married underneath the Eiffel Tower....but who am I kidding!!

Favorite Quote: "Live your life like no one will so you can live your life like no one can" -stranger on cruise

One Thing Most People Don't Know about You: I've been to Alaska for a 2 week vacation and went dog sledding up in the mountains. I also went zip lining in the mountains....seriously the coolest experience ever.

One Word That Best Describes You: Bubbly


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