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Kelsey Spriggs
Kelsey  Spriggs


Westerville, OH

Business Management

Name (first and last): Kelsey Spriggs

Nickname: Kels

Years on the Team: This is my first year I am a Freshman.

Cheer Experience: I have been cheering since I was 10 years old for middle and high school and for All-Star.

Hometown: Westerville, Ohio.

Nationality: Caucasian

Major: Business Management

Favorite Types of Music: Country

Favorite Movies: Safe Haven

Favorite Books: Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

Favorite Dessert: Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Hobbies: Cheerleading and hanging out with my family and friends

Biggest Pet Peeve: I hate feeling rushed I always have to be a little early places.

People of Influence (why?): My parents because they have sacrificed so much to give me nothing but happiness, my brother for always looking out for me, My grandma for being such a great role model, my best friends for laughter and encouragement, coaches for pushing me to become better, and God for making this all possible.

Dream Vacation: Atlantis, Bahama's.

Favorite Quote: "Everything that happens, happens for a reason."

One Thing Most People Don't Know about You: I have never been outside the United States.

One Word That Best Describes You: Outgoing

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