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Name Title Ext. E-Mail
Eric Coleman
Eric Coleman
Director of Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence
Associate Athletics Director

297-6957 colemane@fau.edu
Nicole Alderson
Nicole Alderson
Associate Director of SACAE
Director of Student-Athlete Development
Assistant Athletics Director

(men's basketball and volleyball)
297-1005 nalderson@fau.edu
Jacqueline C. Perez
Jacqueline C. Perez
Director of Academic Support Services
Assistant Director of SACAE
297-4292 jperez46@fau.edu
Eric Zeaman
Eric Zeaman
Director of Advising Services
Assistant Director of SACAE
(men's tennis and men's and women's soccer)
297-2574 jzeaman@fau.edu

Mike Lacey
Assistant Director of SACAE
Director of Football Advising Services

(football and spirit)
297-1032 laceym@fau.edu

Dasha Cherkasov
Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Development
Academic Counselor

(men's and women's swimming, women's basketball and women's golf)
297-3910 dcherkasov@fau.edu
Scott Dayton
Scott Dayton
Assistant Director of Advising Services
Academic Counselor

(baseball, men's & women's cross country,
women's tennis, indoor and outdoor track & field and men's golf)
297-3484 adayton@fau.edu
Heather Smith
Heather Smith
Athletic Academic Counselor
(beach volleyball and football)
297-3597 Smithh@fau.edu
Kiersten Coffman Tutor Coordinator
Assistant Academic Advisor
(softball and football)
297-2297 kcoffman2016@fau.edu

Jaquez Johnson
Student Athlete Development Coordinator 297-2297 jaquezjohnso2013@fau.edu

Cindy Crosby
Learning Specialist 297-4053 crosbyc@fau.edu
Jana Pladevall-Guyer Learning Specialist 297-4053 jpladevallgu2016@fau.edu
Brianne Wojciakowski Assistant Academic Counselor 297-2297 bwojciakowski2013@fau.edu
Garett Lawson Assistant Academic Counselor 297-2297 glawson2017@fau.edu
Jessica Theulen Assistant Academic Counselor 297-2297 jtheulen2016@fau.edu
Genesis Viera Learning Assistant 297-4053 gviera2014@fau.edu
Ethan Swingle Learning Assistant 297-4053 eswingle2016@fau.edu
Erica Lewis Learning Assistant 297-4053 elewis2017@fau.edu
Carly Druker Learning Assistant 297-4053 cdruker2013@fau.edu
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