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Tutorial Program


The Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence offers a comprehensive tutorial program for student-athletes. The purpose of FAU's tutorial program is to supplement all of the sound educational practices (class attendance, note taking, time management, professor contact, etc.) that are necessary for the academic success of all students. Each semester a tutorial staff is hired consisting of well trained graduate and undergraduate students who have demonstrated high levels of proficiency in their respective subject areas. Special emphasis is given during the students' freshmen year to help them develop strong written and quantitative skills. A collaborative effort has been initiated between the Student-Athlete Academic Center and the University Center for Excellence in Writing to have writing consultants available to work with students during the evenings in the Oxley Center.

In addition to this writing assistance, math and other subject tutors are available to work with students on an appointment basis. While tutors are generally available on an individual basis, group sessions may also be arranged. Student-Athletes can request a tutor by filling out our tutorial request form. The majority of tutorial requests will be processed and returned to the students, via email, within 24 hours. Only FAU email addresses are used.

Student-Athlete Tutoring Rules, Regulations and Expectations

Protocol for Tutoring Sessions:

Tutorial support is a valuable tool in helping the student-athlete achieve successful course completion, maintain eligibility and stay on target to graduation. All student-athletes are granted the privileges of academic support from tutors and are actively encouraged to request tutorial support in classes for which they are enrolled. The student-athlete may also be assigned mandatory tutor sessions by his or her athletic academic counselor.

  • A session can be requested by the student-athlete or mandated by the athletic academic counselor.
  • The student-athlete and tutor must meet in Oxley 261 and then can proceed to a classroom in the Oxley Center. All sessions must take place in the Oxley Center.
  • If a tutor is not present at the time of the session, the student-athlete should immediately inform his or her athletic academic counselor or Vanessa Lefton (Tutoring/Mentoring Program Coordinator).
  • If the student-athlete must cancel a session, it is the student-athlete's responsibility to contact the tutor at least 4 hours before the appointment. If the student-athlete is unable to contact the tutor, he or she must notify their athletic academic counselor or Vanessa Lefton immediately.

Tutoring Missed Appointment Policy

Missed Tutoring Session:

A missed session is defined as:

  • Being 5 minutes late to a session
  • Not showing up at all for a session
  • If you attend the session unprepared (have not read material prior or did not bring book, notes, or writing utensils)

    Consequences of a Missed Session:

    Missed sessions are recorded as cumulative (not by individual class) and for the semester. Students who have a history of non-attendance may not be granted the benefits of funding for summer classes or degree completion and may also lose their tutoring/mentoring privileges.

      1. Warning - 1st missed session
      2. Student-athlete charged $10 for missed session - 2nd missed session
      3. Student-athlete charged $10 for missed session - 3rd missed session
      4. Student-athlete charged $10 for missed session and mandatory meeting - 4th missed session
    The mandatory meeting will be with the Associate Athletic Director of Academics, the coach, athletic academic counselor, and student-athlete.

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