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Summer School

As a student-athlete at FAU, you are expected to make every effort to satisfy continuing eligibility requirements during the regular academic year. However, situations may arise in which you need to enroll in summer school for eligibility purposes. You may also choose to attend summer school to continue making progress toward your degree. Due to budgetary constraints, the Athletic Department cannot guarantee that funding will be available for summer school. However, your academic progress is very important to us and every effort will be made to provide assistance; especially if you have demonstrated a history of responsible academic behavior (e.g., regular class attendance, positive feedback from professors, utilization of support services, etc.). Students who abuse the Attendance Policy will not be granted summer school funding.

Since summer school funding is not automatically provided, you must formally request for financial support by completing the summer school application form. You should complete this form in collaboration with your academic counselor and head coach. If you are approved for summer school funding, you will need to sign the "summer school contract" which states that any student-athlete who withdraws from a course or receives a failing grade must reimburse the Athletic Department for the cost of the course. Please be aware that the Athletic Department can only provide financial aid for summer school at a level that is directly proportional to your aid during the regular academic year (e.g., if you are on a 50% scholarship, you can be funded for 50% of your summer school expenses).

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