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The FAU Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is an organization of student-athletes that strive for excellence in academics, athletics, and a high level of participation in our community. The goal is to be the liaison between the team members, coaches, and administrators here at the Florida Atlantic University. The student-athletes continuously work to better relate and discuss important issues and events involving the athletes and the University thereby accommodating all parties and maintaining an open communication relationship.

Each athletic team at FAU has at least two representatives on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. SAAC meetings provide students with a vehicle to express any concerns that they may have with existing practices and to offer suggestions for improvements in the future. The SAAC also organizes a wide variety of community outreach activities each semester. This past year was particularly productive for us as we organized a holiday party for local underprivileged children and also celebrated "National Student-Athlete Day" by teaching local kids about different sports and what it takes to be a student athlete.

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Community Service

The FAU athletic department strives to uphold a broad based program of service to the greater South Florida region with involvement from its student-athletes, coaches, and administrators in outreach initiatives. A comprehensive community outreach program helps the student athletes, coaches and administrators develop an appreciation for a life-long commitment to volunteerism.

In recent years, FAU student-athletes, coaches and athletic administrators have continuously serviced the community through educational enhancement initiatives in schools, after-school programs and non-profits organizations. Student-athletes have also taken the initiative to raise money for several causes, including holiday gift giving for underprivileged populations, donations/fundraising for the American Cancer Society and Ronald McDonald House. Student-athletes continuously raise awareness on societal issues through different activities, including, but not limited to, participation in the Rape and Incest National "Get Carded Day" event. In addition to these activities, coaches, student-athletes, and administrators are able to reach a wide variety of people in the South Florida area with inspirational and educational messages through various speaking engagements and public appearances.

All of these activities function as service to the Boca Raton and greater South Florida community and serve both the university and the athletic department's desire to provide outreach initiatives to the surrounding FAU community.

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