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Mentor Program

The mission of the academic mentor program is to enhance the student-athlete's academic advantage and potential for successful completion of a college degree program at Florida Atlantic University, and to remain eligible to participate in their sport. Academic mentors instill a commitment and appreciation for learning as well as foster intellectual independence, growth and development. Specifically, mentors work with their student-athletes to develop successful note-taking in class, study and test-taking strategies, as well as organizational and time management skills. Athletic Academic Counselors work closely with mentors to identify the specific needs of the student-athlete and create a plan of action to ensure academic success.

The FAU academic mentor program provides an opportunity to instill the tools of education that will allow student-athletes to take a proactive approach to learning.

Student-Athlete Mentoring Rules, Regulations and Expectations

Protocol for Mentoring Sessions:

Mentoring is a valuable tool in helping the student-athlete achieve successful course completion, maintain eligibility and stay on target to graduation. All student-athletes are granted the privileges of academic support from mentors. The student-athlete will be assigned mandatory mentor sessions by his or her athletic academic counselor. (Please contact your Athletic Academic Counselor if you feel you would benefit from a mentor).

  • A session will be mandated by the athletic academic counselor.
  • The student-athlete and mentor must meet in Oxley 261 and then can proceed to a classroom in the Oxley Center. All sessions must take place in the Oxley Center.
  • If a mentor is not present at the time of the session, the student-athlete should immediately inform his or her athletic academic counselor or Vanessa Lefton (Tutoring/Mentoring Program Coordinator).
  • If the student-athlete must cancel a session, it is the student-athlete's responsibility to contact the mentor at least 4 hours before the appointment. If the student-athlete is unable to contact the mentor, he or she must notify their athletic academic counselor or Vanessa Lefton immediately.

Mentoring Missed Appointment Policy

Missed Mentoring Session:

A missed session is defined as:

  • Being 5 minutes late to a session
  • Not showing up at all for a session
  • If you attend the session unprepared (have not read material prior or did not bring book, notes, or writing utensils)

Consequences of a Missed Session:

Missed sessions are recorded as cumulative and for the semester. Students who have a history of non-attendance may not be granted the benefits of funding for summer classes or degree completion and may also lose their tutoring/mentoring privileges.

    1. Warning - 1st missed session
    2. Student-athlete charged $10 for missed session - 2nd missed session
    3. Student-athlete charged $10 for missed session - 3rd missed session
    4. Student-athlete charged $10 for missed session and mandatory meeting - 4th missed session
The mandatory meeting will be with the Associate Athletic Director of Academics, the coach, athletic academic counselor, and student-athlete.

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