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Institutional Guidelines & Polices

Good Academic Standing

A student is in good standing if he or she is eligible to continue or re-enroll at the University, even if on probation. You must be in "good academic standing" at FAU to be eligible to compete in your sport.

Freshmen Warning

Freshmen warning applies only to freshmen who fail to earn a 2.0 grade point average in their first semester. Students who are put on freshmen warning are not officially on probation; however, they should seek special assistance to improve their academic performance.

Academic Probation

Except for freshmen who have completed their first semester, all other students whose grade point average in a given term is below a 2.0 or whose cumulative grade point average is below a 2.0 are placed on academic probation. Academic probation is removed when a student earns at least a 2.0 average in all work attempted during the next period of enrollment and has a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher at FAU.

Student-athletes are allowed to compete while on probation.

Suspension or Dismissal

A student on academic probation who fails to earn a 2.0 average in all work attempted in any term and who has a cumulative average of lower than 2.0 at FAU will be suspended from the University. If suspended from the university, you will be eligible to apply for readmission after a minimum of one semester and, if permitted to return, will be on academic probation. If at any time after having once been suspended, a student on probation has a term and cumulative average below 2.0 the student will be dismissed from the university. Student-athletes are not eligible to compete in intercollegiate athletics during a semester in which you are suspended from the university.

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