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Set up an advising appointment:

If you are an undergraduate student with less than 30 credits and have not yet declared a major, you will see an on-campus advisor with Freshman Academic Advising Services, click Here to access the Freshman Academic Advising Services homepage and click Logon in the center of the page. Enter your FAU user ID and your Z #, next look up an advisor who works with the college your major of interest is housed in. Click 'Go to' at the top of the page and select 'make appointment' from the drop down menu. Select the advisor you wish to speak with and their availability will be on the next screen. Fill in the required information and submit. Make sure to make a note of what time your appointment is at and who you will be seeing. All freshmen advising takes place in room 201 of the Student Services building.

If you have more than 30 credits, you will need to see an on-campus advisor in the college that houses your major or intended major, please contact the Student Services Office of your college to make an appointment.

Take the math placement exam:

Log onto your MyFAU and click on the 'Student' tab at the top. Click on 'Take Math Placement Exam' at the top of the page in the 'Math Placement' box. Be sure to write down your ALEKS score because it will determine what level of math you have placed into. Click Here to find out which math class you should register for.

Every student must take the math placement exam before they can register for any math classes. The math placement exam costs $5.00 and is payable by credit card when you take the exam.

Apply for graduation:

Click Here to access the Application for Degree form. You must meet with your on-campus advisor and have the Dean of your College sign this form before submitting the form to the Registrar's Office.

Retake a class through FAU's Forgiveness Policy:

Click Here to access the Forgiveness Policy Request form that must be completed and either mailed or faxed to the Registrar's Office.

The Forgiveness Policy permits an undergraduate student to repeat an undergraduate FAU course and allows only the last grade to count in the grade point average. This policy may be applied only twice during a student's study at the University and does not remove the previous grade but eliminates the effect of that grade on the FAU cumulative GPA by removing it from the computation. The Forgiveness Policy may not be applied after the student has graduated and the course must be originally taken and repeated at FAU.

Check for holds:

Log onto your MyFAU and click on FAU Self-Service (OWLS). Click on 'Student Services' then 'Student Records'. Next click 'View Holds' and any holds you have that may prevent you from registering will appear with 'Registration' in the 'Processes Affected' column. Some holds are not placed on your account until right before registrations; make sure to check often for holds the week before registration to avoid any problems on the day of registration.

Register for classes:

Log onto MyFau and click on FAU Self-Service (OWLS), on the 'Main Menu' click on 'Student Services' and then 'Registration'. To search for classes click on 'Departmental Course Schedule', choose the term, campus and department from the drop down menus and click 'Select'. Once you have found your classes, write down the CRNs and go back to the 'Registration' page. Click on 'Add or Drop Classes', on the next screen select the term and click 'Submit' and next enter the CRNs for your classes in the boxes at the bottom and click 'Submit Changes'. If you are taking a class that requires a lab/discussion, you must choose a lab/discussion that fits with lecture section you have chosen and input the CRNs at the same time, the system will not let you register for one without the other.

*Student-athletes must consult their Academic Advisor and Academic Counselor before adding or dropping classes. Failure to do so will put your eligibility at risk.

Request a tutor:

Click Here, fill out all the required information and click submit. You will be matched with a tutor as soon as possible.

Log onto GradeFirst:

Click Here and put in fau (all lowercase letters) as the school, then use your Z number as your user ID and password, be sure to put a z in front of the number for both..

Print PowerPoint slides as handouts:

After opening the document, go to 'File' and click on 'Print'. When the print box appears look for the section that says 'Print What'. In the pull down menu it will automatically say 'Slides', change this to 'Handouts' and then select the number of slides per handout to the right. Once you have chosen the number of slides per page, under 'Print What' is a drop down menu for 'Color/Grayscale', chose 'Pure Black and White' this will not only make the slides print faster, but it will also print graphics more clearly.

Sign up for a Writing Center appointment:

Click Here and login to see the schedule. If you have never scheduled an appointment and do not have a login click First Time User? Register here. Once you have successfully logged onto the schedule

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