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Florida Atlantic University Athletic Department Directory

Florida Atlantic University
Department of Athletics
777 Glades Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Fax number: 561-297-3963
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Name Title Phone E-mail
Patrick Chun Vice President and Director of Athletics 561-297-3199 e-mail
Meneftha Pierre Assistant to AD 561-297-3199 e-mail
Dr. Kim Dunn NCAA Faculty Representative 561-297-4177  e-mail
Melissa Dawson Executive Associate AD/Senior Women's Administrator 561-297-2683 e-mail
Brian Battle Associate AD/Internal Relations 561-297-3714 e-mail
Eric Coleman Director of Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence & Assoc. AD (All-Sports + spirit) 561-297-6957 e-mail
Dexter LaMont Associate AD/Business Development 561-297-1665 e-mail
Keith McCluney Associate AD/Development 561-297-2683 e-mail
Phillip Anderson Assistant AD/Business and Ticket Operations 561-297-2992 e-mail
Danielle Daniel Assistant AD/Administration 561-297-0231 e-mail
Matt Fisher Assistant AD/Facilities, Operations, Events 954-296-7231 e-mail
Katrina McCormack

Assistant AD/Media Relations

561-297-3163 e-mail
Samantha Sweeney Assistant AD/Compliance 561-297-0756 e-mail
Eric Coleman Director of Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence & Assoc. AD (All-Sports + spirit) 561-297-6957
Nicole Alderson Associate Director (men's & women's basketball, volleyball, women's golf, men's and women's swimming & diving) 561-297-1005 e-mail
Eric Zeaman Interim Assistant Director (football and men's tennis) 561-297-0132 e-mail
Dasha Cherkasov Athletic Academic Counselor (men's and women's swimming, women's basketball and women's golf) 561-297-3910 e-mail
Scott Dayton Athletic Academic Counselor (cross country, men's soccer, women's tennis, track and field) 561-297-3484 e-mail
Heather Smith Athletic Academic Counselor (football and beach volleyball) 561-297-3597 e-mail
Kiersten Coffman Athletic Academic Relations Coordinator (Tutors) 561-297-2899 e-mail
Jacqueline C Perez Assistant Director, Learning Specialist 561-297-4292 e-mail
Phillip Anderson Assistant AD/Business and Ticket Operations 561-297-2992 e-mail
Kathyrn Uccellini Assistant Business Manager 561-297-0833 e-mail
Laura Starr Business Office Assistant 561-297-0217 e-mail
Domenica Jones Human Resource Manager 561-297-4797 e-mail
Samantha Sweeney Assistant AD/Compliance 561-297-0756 e-mail
Sean Tuttle Compliance Coordinator 561-297-4797 e-mail
Corporate Sales
Kevin Crossman General Manager of Florida Atlantic Sports Properties (FASP/Learfield) 954-868-2296 e-mail
Aaron Malave Account Executive FASPA/Learfield 561-297-0409 e-mail
Dillon Payne Intern FASP/Learfield 561-297-4249 e-mail
Keith McCluney Associate AD/Development 561-297-2683 e-mail
Stephen Hammond Director of Development 561-297-0218 e-mail
Chandra Roberson Development Coordinator 561-297-4621 e-mail
Equipment Room
Ryan Zluticky Head Equipment Manager 561-297-2281 e-mail
John Thomas Equipment Manager/Football 561-297-2281 e-mail
Michael Ciambriello Equipment Intern 561-297-2281 e-mail
Facilities Management, Operations and Events
Matt Fisher Assistant AD/Facilities, Operations, Events 954-296-7231 e-mail
Ricci Lattanzi Director/Facilities, Operations, Events 706-766-3350 e-mail
Russell Philipp Assistant Director/Facilities, Operations, Events 772-342-4174 e-mail
Josh Fryd Facilities, Operations, Events Coordinator 561-704-9202 e-mail
Gabby Reppell Facilities, Operations, Events Coordinator 561-297-0211 e-mail
Corie Betz Director/Marketing 561-297-4114 e-mail
Erika Carlson Assistant Director/Marketing 561-297-0919 e-mail
Ryan Moran Assistant Director/Marketing and Social Media 561-297-0122 e-mail
Michelle Friswell Marketing Coordinator 561-297-4307 e-mail
Andrew Robinson Marketing Assistant, Video 202-468-8637 e-mail
Tatyana Denson Marketing Assistant 561-297-4308 e-mail
Conner Leonard Marketing Assistant/Digital Media & Advertising 561-846-9673 e-mail
Michael Meury Marketing Assistant/Kids Club & Student App 904-327-0285 e-mail
Media Relations
Katrina McCormack

Assistant AD/Media Relations (Football, Website, Spirit)

561-297-3163 e-mail
Justin Johnson

Assistant Director/Media Relations (Volleyball, M-Basketball, Softball, Beach Volleyball)

561-302-0461 e-mail
Jonathan Fraysure Assistant Director/Media Relations
(W-Soccer, Baseball, I-Track, O-Track, M-Xtry, and W-Xtry)
561-430-7148 e-mail
Rachel Rodriguez Media Relations Coordinator (Women's Basketball, M-Swimming and Diving, W-Swimming and Diving) 954-254-5139 e-mail
Brandon Goodwin Director/Electronic Media & Video and Assistant Director Media Relations
(Men's and Women's Tennis, M-Soccer, Men's and Women's Golf)
561-756-0653 e-mail
Phaedra Blaize Graphic Designer 561-297-0225 e-mail
Frank Forte Coaches Show and Feature Producer and Host 954-668-3963 e-mail
Ryan Able Media Relations Assistant
(administrative and softball)
561-561-297-3163 e-mail
JC Ridley Team Photographer 954-873-6330 e-mail
Ralph Notaro Team Photographer 954-295-4183 e-mail
Sports Medicine
Rudy Rodriguez Athletic Trainer (Football) 561-297-2043 e-mail
Cory Kaplan Athletic Trainer (Men's Basketball) 561-297-2125 e-mail
Katherine Luhring Athletic Trainer (Football and Women's Tennisl) 561-297-1056 e-mail
Bruce Hamelin Athletic Trainer (Women's Basketball) 561-297-2125 e-mail
Craig Wilder Athletic Trainer (Women's Soccer) 561-297-2125 e-mail
Andrew Calore Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Baseball) 561-297-2125 e-mail
Blake Daniel Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football, Cross Country and Track & Field) 561-297-2125 e-mail
Tiffani Frizzell Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Softball) 561-297-2125 e-mail
Chelsea Lingelback Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Men's Soccer, Men's Tennis) 561-297-2125 e-mail
Raymond Jefferies Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football) 561-297-2125 e-mail
Katelyn Stegall Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Volleyball, Beach Volleyball) 561-297-2125 e-mail
Lisa Snowden Insurance Coordinator 561-297-3486 e-mail
Team Doctors
Boca Raton Regional Hospital 561-955-7100  
Jason Perry M.D. Medical Director/Head Team Physician 954-571-9500
Kana Takiguchi P.T., ATC Team Physical Therapist 561-447-7246
Manish Gupta M.D. Team Orthopaedic Surgeon/Sports Medicine 561-826-2000
James Ross M.D. Team Orthopaedic Surgeon/Sports Medicine 954-571-9500
Alan Saperstein M.D. Team Orthopaedic Surgeon/Sports Medicine 561-241-8668
Jason Weatherall M.D. Team Orthopaedic Surgeon/Sports Medicine 954-571-9500
Ashish Sahai M.D. Team Orthopaedic Surgeon/Spine Specialist 561-241-8668
Dave Strong M.D. Team Emergency Physician 561-955-4425
Lisa Evans M.D. Team Physician/Internal Medicine 561-391-2770
Craig M. Brodsky M.D. Team Interventional Cardiologist 561-395-4600
Gary Goberville D.O. Team Optometrist 561-479-1411
S. Daniel Salama M.D. Opthalmologist 561-395-7161  
Joseph H. Kleinman M.D. Chairman Department of Imagining, Chief Operating Officer
Steven D. Needell M.D. Director/Musculoskeletal Imaging 561-391-1728
Richard Staller D.D.S. Team Dentist 561-495-2099 email
Hessam Khatami D.C. Official Team Chiropractor 561-455-4850
Todd Rodman D.C. Official Team Chiropractor 954-234-6063
Elizabeth Scheiber, DPM Official Team Podiatrist 954-659-5430
Strength and Conditioning
Jennifer Norton Head strength and Conditioning/Olympic Sports 561-756-0181 email
Wilson Love Head Strength and Conditioning/Football 561-756-0181 email
Nick Gounaris Assistant Director/Strength and Conditioning 561-756-0181 email
Connor Neighbors Assistant Strength & Conditioning/Football 561-756-0181 email
Ryan Huffman Graduate Assistant/Strength and Conditioning 561-756-0181 email
Mary Ann Morgan-Fried Volunteer Yoga Instructor
Ticket Operations
Scott Collins Director/Ticket Operations 561-297-0014 email
Patty Levy Administrative Assistant 561-297-4652 email
Zach Carscadden Assistant Director/Ticket Operations 561-297-0024 email
General Ticket Information  1-866-FAU-OWLS email
Ticket Sales
Brian Treiser Senior Director of Sales and Services/Fan Relationship Management Center (FRMC) 561-297-0027 email
Michelle Christie Sr. Sales Consultant/FRMC/Women's Sports 561-297-2953 email

Fernando Segura Sr. Sales Consultant/FRMC 561-297-4694 email
Aubrey Brooks Sales Consultant/FRMC 561-297-0435 email
Jacob Banks Sales Consultant/FRMC 561-297-6720 email
Evan Siegel Sales Consultant/FRMC 561-297-0068 email
Anthony Garifo Outside Sales Consultant/FRMC 610-202-7710 email
Griffin Noake Sales Intern 561-297-3923 email
Lewis Brown Sales Intern 561-297-0069 email
Claudia Soto Head Coach Cheer and Dance email
Jenna Shore Assistant Dance Coach email
John McCormack Head Coach 561-297-1055 email
Greg Mamula Assistant Coach 561-297-3956 email
Rick Marlin Volunteer Assistant 407-256-3097 email
Men's Basketball
Michael Curry Head Coach 561-297-0097 email
Ron Oliver Assistant Coach 561-297-0097 email
Charlemagne Gibbons Assistant Coach 561-297-0097 email
Jorge Sanz Assistant Coach 561-297-0097 email
Rachel Fineberg Director of Operations 561-297-0097 email
Deon Curry Video Coordinator 561-297-0097 email
Ronald Burrell Graduate Assistant 561-297-0097 email
Women's Basketball
Jim Jabir Head Coach 561-297-1370 email
Kachine Alexander Assistant Coach 561-297-1370 email
Terry Primm Assistant Coach 561-297-1370 email
Desma Thomas Bateast Assistant Coach 561-297-1370 email
Arianne Johnson Director of Basketball Operations 561-297-1370 email
Beach Volleyball
Capri Grotowski Head Coach 561-281-9238 email
Steve Grotowski Assistant Coach 954-729-0319 email
Andrea Galinis Volunteer Assistant
Cross Country/Track & Field
Alex Smolka Head Coach-Cross Country 561-213-4387 email
Willie Randolph Associate Head Coach 989-621-3150 email
Rick Rothman Volunteer Assistant 561-350-1905 email
Josh Peterson Undergraduate Volunteer Assistant email
Recruits Send Film to   email
Lane Kiffin Head Coach 561-297-1094
Danielle Lyons Assistant to the Head Coach 561-297-1094 email
Kendal Briles Assistant Coach/OC/QBs 561-297-1094
Chris Kiffin Assistant Coach/Co-Defensive Coordinator/LB 561-297-1094
Corey Batoon Assistant Coach/Safeties/Special Teams/Co-Defensive Coordinator 561-297-1094
Eric Mathies Assistant Coach/DL Recruiting Coordinator 561-297-1094
Gary Harrell Assistant Coach/WR 561-297-1094
Keynodo Hudson Assistant Coach/CB 561-297-1094
Garin Justice Assistant Coach/OL 561-297-1094
Kevin Smith Assistant Coach/RB 561-297-1094
Wilson Love Head Football Strength and Conditioning Coach 561-297-1094
Connor Neighbors Assistnat Football Strength and Conditioning Coach 561-297-1094
CJ Johnson Defensive GA 561-297-1094
Mike Nysewander Offensive GA 561-297-1094
Elwyn "Rip" Rowan Defensive GA 561-297-1094
Chris Rutledge Offensive GA 561-297-1094  
Heather Henderson Director of Football Operations 561-297-1094 email
Clayton Leach Director of Video 561-297-4652 email
Landan Salem Director of Player Personnel/Recruiting 561-297-1094 email
DJ McCarthy Director of Player Development 561-297-1094
Jaron Fairman Player Development Assistant 561-297-1094
Davis Merritt Player Development 561-297-1094
Chris Perkins Player Development 561-297-1094
Monte Kiffin Defensive Analyst/Pro Liaison 561-297-1094
John Michael Anthony Football Data Analyst 561-297-1094
Men's Golf
Women's Golf
Kathy Baker-Guadagnino Head Coach 561-271-2906 email
Joe Guadagnino Assistant Coach 561-271-2906 email
Scott Seiben Volunteer Assistant
Men's Soccer
Joey Worthen Head Coach 561-297-3711 email
Jose Robles Assistant Coach 903-343-4182 email
Fernando Alva Volunteer Assistant
Women's Soccer
Patrick Baker Head Coach 561-702-0837 email
Michael Crane Assistant Coach 937-470-1822 email
Laura Jackson Assistant Coach 914-410-7169 email
Joan Joyce Head Coach 561-271-1810 email
Chan Walker Assistant Coach 561-251-5000 email
Troy Whitt Assistant Coach 352-804-6996 email
Swimming (men and women)
Lara Preacco Head Coach 561-376-7562 email
Alice McCall Assistant Coach 561-405-0805  email
Yaidel Gomboa Dive Coach 407-342-6664 email
Men's Tennis
Ricardo Gonzalez Head Coach 561-955-0300 email
Richard Meade Assistant Coach 561-955-0300
Women's Tennis
Marcy Hora-Cava Head Coach 561-843-1806 email
Caroline Wheelen Assistant Coach 561-843-1806 email
Fernanda Nelson Head Coach 561-297-4652 email
Chuck Amshoff Assistant Coach 502-693-8225 email
Alyssa Warren Assistant Coach 815-768-9673 email
Chris Kushay Volunteer Assistant Coach

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