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Athletic Department Directory

Florida Atlantic University
Department of Athletics
777 Glades Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Fax number: 561-297-3963
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Name Title Phone E-mail
Patrick Chun Vice President and Director of Athletics 561-297-3199 e-mail
Meneftha Pierre Assistant to AD 561-297-3199 e-mail
Dr. Kim Dunn NCAA Faculty Representative 561-297-4177  e-mail
Brian Battle Sr. Associate AD/Internal Operations 561-297-3714 e-mail
Danielle Daniel Associate AD/Internal Operations/SWA 561-297-0231 e-mail
Samantha Sweeney Associate AD/Compliance 561-297-0756 e-mail
Blair Zackon Associate AD/External Relations 561-97-4337 email
Eric Coleman Director of Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence & Assoc. AD 561-297-2574 e-mail
Dexter LaMont Associate AD/Business Development 561-297-1665 e-mail
Keith McCluney Associate AD/Development 561-297-2683 e-mail
Katrina McCormack

Assistant AD/Media Relations

561-297-3163 e-mail
Titus Queen Assistant AD/Facilities, Operations, Events 941-757-9640 email
Eric Coleman Director of Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence & Assoc. AD (All-Sports) 561-297-2574
Nicole Alderson Assoc. Dir. of SACAE, Dir. of Student-Athlete Development, Assist. AD, (men's basketball and volleyball) 561-297-1005 e-mail
Eric Zeaman Dir. of Advising Services, Assistant Director of SACAE (men's tennis, men's and women's soccer) 561-297-0132 e-mail
Mike Lacey Assistant Director of SACAE, Dir. Football Advising Services (football and spirit) 561-297-0132 e-mail
Jacqueline C Perez Assistant Director of SACAE, Dir. of Academic Support Services 561-297-4292 e-mail
Scott Dayton Assistant Director of Advising Services, Academic Counselor (baseball, men's and women's cross country & women's indoor and outdoor track, women's tennis and men's golf) 561-297-3484 e-mail
Dasha Cherkasov Assist. Dir. of Student-Athlete Development, Academic Counselor, (women's basketball, men's and women's swimming, and women's golf) 561-297-3910 e-mail
Heather Smith Athletic Academic Counselor (football and beach volleyball) 561-297-3597 e-mail
Kiersten Coffman Tutor Coordinator/Assistant Academic Advisor (softball and football) 561-297-2899 e-mail
Cindy Crosby Learning Specialist 561-297-4053 e-mail
Jana Pladevall-Guyer Learning Specialist 561-297-4053 e-mail
Jaquez Johnson Student-Athlete Development Coordinator 561-297-2899 e-mail
Garett Lawson Assistant Academic Counselor 561-297-2297 email
Jessica Theulen Assistant Academic Counselor 561-297-2297 e-mail
Brianne Wojciakowski Assistant Academic Counselor 561-297-2297 e-mail
Genesis Viera Learning Assistant 561-297-4053 e-mail
Ethan Swingle Learning Assistant 561-297-4053 e-mail
Erica Lewis Learning Assistant 561-297-4053 e-mail
Carly Druker Learning Assistant 561-297-4053 e-mail
Kathyrn Uccellini Business Manager 561-297-0833 e-mail
Mario Rosales Business Office Assistant
Domenica Jones Human Resource Manager 561-297-4797 e-mail
Samantha Sweeney Associate AD/Compliance 561-297-0756 e-mail
Sean Tuttle Assistant Director/Compliance 561-297-4547 e-mail
Erin Cox Compliance Coordinator e-mail
Taylor Lee Graduate Assistant/NCAA Compliance e-mail
Corporate Sales
Kevin Crossman General Manager of Florida Atlantic Sports Properties (FASP/Learfield) 954-868-2296 e-mail
Aaron Malave Account Executive FASPA/Learfield 561-297-0409 e-mail
Brianna O'Connor Business Development Manager FASPA/Learfield 561-297-0409 e-mail
Zach Rubenstein Intern FASP/Learfield 561-297-4249
Keith McCluney Associate AD/Development 561-297-2683 e-mail
Chandra Roberson Director of Development 561-297-4621 e-mail
Anthony Grassi Development Intern
Equipment Room
Ryan Zluticky Director of Equipment Operations 561-297-2281 e-mail
Nathan Hinkley Head Football Equipment Manager 561-297-2281 e-mail
Stuart Moore Assistant Equipment Manager 561-297-2281
Sam Wescott Equipment Intern 561-297-2281 e-mail
Facilities Management, Operations and Events
Titus Queen Assistant AD/Facilities, Operations, Events 941-757-9640 email
Russell Philipp Director of Facilities and Event Management 772-342-4174 e-mail
Ricci Lattanzi Assistant Director of Facilities and Event Management 706-766-3350 e-mail
Gabby Reppell Coordinator of Facilities and Event Management 561-297-0211 e-mail
Erika Carlson Assistant Director/Marketing (Men's Basketball, Internship Program) 561-297-0919 e-mail
Ryan Moran Assistant Director/Marketing and Social Media 561-297-0122 e-mail
Michelle Friswell Marketing Coordinator (Women's Basketball) 561-297-4307 e-mail
Andrew Robinson Marketing Assistant, Video 202-468-8637 e-mail
Media Relations
Katrina McCormack

Assistant AD/Media Relations (Football, Website, Spirit)

561-297-3163 e-mail
Justin Johnson

Assistant Director/Media Relations (Volleyball, M-Basketball, Softball, Beach Volleyball)

561-302-0461 e-mail
Jonathan Fraysure Assistant Director/Media Relations
(W-Soccer, Baseball, I-Track, O-Track, M-Xtry, and W-Xtry)
561-430-7148 e-mail
Lillie-Anne Mulligan Assistant Director/Media Relations
(W-Basketball, Men's Swimming, Women's Swimming)
270-841-7352 e-mail
Brandon Goodwin Director/Electronic Media & Video and Assistant Director Media Relations
(Men's and Women's Tennis, M-Soccer, Men's and Women's Golf)
561-756-0653 e-mail
Phaedra Blaize Graphic Designer 561-297-0225 e-mail
Frank Forte Coaches Show and Feature Producer and Host 954-668-3963 e-mail
JC Ridley Team Photographer 954-873-6330 e-mail
Ralph Notaro Team Photographer 954-295-4183 e-mail
Sports Medicine
Craig Wilder Director of Sports Medicine (Women's Soccer) 561-297-2044 e-mail
Adam Bennett Head Athletic Trainer (Football) 561-297-1056 e-mail
Rudy Rodriguez Athletic Trainer Football/Director of Rehab 561-297-2043 e-mail
Bruce Hamelin Athletic Trainer (Women's Basketball) 561-297-2125 e-mail
Cory Kaplan Athletic Trainer (Men's Basketball) 561-297-2125 e-mail
Max Diaz Fellowship (Baseball) 561-297-2125 e-mail
Ali Costello Graduate Assistant (men's soccer and men's tennis) 561-297-2125 e-mail
Katelyn Stegall Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer (Volleyball, Beach Volleyball) 561-297-2125 e-mail
Margaret Johns Graduate Assistant (Softball) 561-297-2125 e-mail
Brady Armitage Graduate Assistant (Football, Track and Field) 561-297-2125
Lisa Snowden Insurance Coordinator 561-297-3486 e-mail
Team Doctors
Boca Raton Regional Hospital 561-955-7100  
Jason Perry M.D. Medical Director/Head Team Physician 954-571-9500
Kana Takiguchi P.T., ATC Team Physical Therapist 561-447-7246
Manish Gupta M.D. Team Orthopaedic Surgeon/Sports Medicine 561-826-2000
James Ross M.D. Team Orthopaedic Surgeon/Sports Medicine 954-571-9500
Alan Saperstein M.D. Team Orthopaedic Surgeon/Sports Medicine 561-241-8668
Jason Weatherall M.D. Team Orthopaedic Surgeon/Sports Medicine 954-571-9500
Ashish Sahai M.D. Team Orthopaedic Surgeon/Spine Specialist 561-241-8668
Dave Strong M.D. Team Emergency Physician 561-955-4425
Lisa Evans M.D. Team Physician/Internal Medicine 561-391-2770
Craig M. Brodsky M.D. Team Interventional Cardiologist 561-395-4600
Gary Goberville D.O. Team Optometrist 561-479-1411
S. Daniel Salama M.D. Opthalmologist 561-395-7161  
Joseph H. Kleinman M.D. Chairman Department of Imagining, Chief Operating Officer
Steven D. Needell M.D. Director/Musculoskeletal Imaging 561-391-1728
Richard Staller D.D.S. Team Dentist 561-495-2099 email
Hessam Khatami D.C. Official Team Chiropractor 561-455-4850
Todd Rodman D.C. Official Team Chiropractor 954-234-6063
Elizabeth Scheiber, DPM Official Team Podiatrist 954-659-5430
Strength and Conditioning
Jennifer Norton Head Strength & Conditioning/Olympic Sports email
Wilson Love Head Strength & Conditioning/Football email
Connor Neighbors Assistant Strength & Conditioning/Football email
Montario Hardesty Assistant Strength & Conditioning/Football
Jonathan Larson Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - email
Daniel McDermott Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach email
Aaron Thompson Graduate Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Mary Ann Morgan-Fried Volunteer Yoga Instructor
Brian Treiser Senior Director of Sales and Services/Fan Relationship Management Center (FRMC) 561-297-0027 email
Whitney Goulish Director of Ticket Operations 561-297-0014 email
Jacquie Harbour Assistant Director of Ticket Operations 561-297-0024 email
Michelle Christie Sr. Sales Consultant/FRMC/Women's Sports 561-297-2953 email

Fernando Segura Sr. Sales Consultant/FRMC 561-297-4694 email
Jacob Banks Sr Sales Consultant/FRMC 561-297-6720 email
Evan Siegel Senior Sales Consultant/FRMC 561-297-0068 email
Troy Hendrickson Sales Consultant/FRMC 561-297-0435 email
Lou Della Fera Sales Intern 561-297-0069 email
Nick Tardibuono Sales Intern 561-297-3923 email
Patty Levy Administrative Assistant 561-297-4652 email
General Ticket Information
1-866-FAU-OWLS email
Claudia Soto-Vace Head Spirit Coordinator/Head Coach Cheer and Dance email
Paige Wier Assistant Cheer Coach
Amanda Johnson Volunteer Cheer Coach
Hector Escamilla Volunteer Cheer Coach
Jenna Olegario Assistant Dance Coach email
John McCormack Head Coach 561-297-1055 email
Greg Mamula Assistant Coach 561-297-3956 email
David Kopp Assistant Coach 561-297-3956 email
Brett Schneider Volunteer Assistant Coach
Men's Basketball
Michael Curry Head Coach 561-297-0097 email
Ron Oliver Assistant Coach 561-297-0097 email
Charlemagne Gibbons Assistant Coach 561-297-0097 email
Jorge Sanz Assistant Coach 561-297-0097 email
Rachel Fineberg Director of Operations 561-297-0097 email
Deon Curry Video Coordinator 561-297-0097 email
Ronald Burrell Graduate Assistant 561-297-0097 email
Women's Basketball
Jim Jabir Head Coach 561-297-1370 email
Kachine Alexander Assistant Coach 561-297-1370 email
Terry Primm Assistant Coach 561-297-1370 email
Desma Thomas Bateast Assistant Coach 561-297-1370 email
Arianne Johnson Director of Basketball Operations 561-297-1370 email
Connor McNelis Video Coordinator 561-297-1370 email
Beach Volleyball
Capri Grotowski Head Coach 561-281-9238 email
Kaya Sowala Assistant Coach
Steve Grotowski Volunteer Assistant Coach 954-729-0319 email
Cross Country/Track & Field
Alex Smolka Head Coach-Cross Country 561-213-4387 email
Willie Randolph Associate Head Coach 989-621-3150 email
Rick Rothman Volunteer Assistant 561-350-1905 email
Recruits Send Film to   email
Lane Kiffin Head Coach 561-297-1094
Danielle Lyons Football Administrative Assistant 561-297-1094 email
Kendal Briles Assistant Head Coach/OC/QBs 561-297-1094
Chris Kiffin Co-Defensive Coordinator/LB 561-297-1094
Corey Batoon Safeties/Special Teams Coordinator/Co-Defensive Coordinator 561-297-1094
Eric Mathies Defensive Line Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 561-297-1094
Gary Harrell Wide Receivers Coach 561-297-1094
Keynodo Hudson Cornerbacks Coach 561-297-1094
Garin Justice Offensive Line Coach 561-297-1094
Kevin Smith Running Backs Coach 561-297-1094
Heather Henderson Director of Football Operations 561-297-1094 email
Clayton Leach Director of Video 561-297-4652 email
Landan Salem Director of Player Personnel/Recruiting 561-297-1094 email
JJ Daugthery Assistant Recruiting Coordinator 561-297-1094
DJ McCarthy Director of Player Development 561-297-1094
CJ Johnson Defensive GA 561-297-1094
Mike Nysewander Offensive GA 561-297-1094
Elwyn "Rip" Rowan Defensive GA 561-297-1094
Chris Rutledge Offensive GA 561-297-1094  
Jaron Fairman Player Development Assistant 561-297-1094
Davis Merritt Player Development 561-297-1094
Chris Perkins Player Development 561-297-1094
Monte Kiffin Defensive Analyst/Pro Liaison 561-297-1094
John Michael Anthony Football Data Analyst 561-297-1094
Mark Cala Offensive Analyst 561-297-1094
Bradley Bramblett Football Volunteer 561-297-1094
Men's Golf
Ross Cash Head Coach 561-315-9506 email
Women's Golf
Kathy Baker-Guadagnino Head Coach 561-271-2906 email
Joe Guadagnino Assistant Coach 561-271-2906 email
>Scott Seiben Volunteer Assistant
Men's Soccer
Joey Worthen Head Coach 561-297-3711 email
Jose Robles Assistant Coach 903-343-4182 email
Women's Soccer
Patrick Baker Head Coach 561-702-0837 email
Michael Crane Assistant Coach 937-470-1822 email
Laura Jackson Assistant Coach 914-410-7169 email
Joan Joyce Head Coach 561-271-1810 email
Chan Walker Assistant Coach 561-251-5000 email
Troy Whitt Assistant Coach 352-804-6996 email
Swimming (men and women)
Lara Preacco Head Coach 561-376-7562 email
Alice McCall Assistant Coach 561-405-0805  email
Riley Boulden Assistant Coach email
Ryan McIntre Dive Coach email
Men's Tennis
Ricardo Gonzalez Head Coach 561-955-0300 email
Richard Meade Assistant Coach 561-955-0300
Women's Tennis
Marcy Hora-Cava Head Coach 561-843-1806 email
Caroline Wheelen Assistant Coach 602-793-6683 email
Fernanda Nelson Head Coach 561-297-4652 email
Chuck Amshoff Assistant Coach 502-693-8225 email
Alyssa Warren Assistant Coach 815-768-9673 email
Chris Kushay Volunteer Assistant Coach

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