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Florida Atlantic Athletics Hall of Fame

Fans and friends of Florida Atlantic University are invited to nominate their favorite past player, or coach for induction into the 2007 Athletics Hall of Fame.

The Florida Atlantic Athletics Hall of Fame was founded to honor, pay tribute and perpetuate the memory of those individuals who, either through participation, support or interest, have made outstanding contributions in intercollegiate athletics and who have helped bring recognition, honor, distinction and excellence to the University. This Hall of Fame also recognizes those who have continued to demonstrate, in their daily lives, the values learned in intercollegiate athletics or athletically gained national recognition.

Please be sure your nomination fits within the criteria listed below. Fill out this form and submit.


Sport Played

Years Attended FAU

Reason for nomination

Supporting Information

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General Eligibility Criteria
Eligibility for membership in the Hall of Fame shall be restricted to those individuals meeting the following criteria.

    A. Must have brought significant distinction to his/herself and to Florida Atlantic University because of successful athletic endeavors. B. Must be a representative example of Florida Atlantic University's concept of the dedicated individual who demonstrates high qualities of character and leadership. C. Must be an individual who attained outstanding athletic accomplishments as a student-athlete, coach, or administrator as a representative Florida Atlantic University or beyond. Examples would include, but not be limited to, the following:

    • Named an All-American
    • Won an individual national championship
    • Set world record
    • Participated in the Olympic Games
    • Led the nation or conference in a recognized statistical category
    • Coached a conference or NCAA championship team

    D. A period of three years must have passed since an individual student-athlete, coach or administrator has ended his/her association with the Florida Atlantic program. In the event a nominee has returned to Florida Atlantic athletic program, the nominee continues to accrue time from the original departure date.

Criteria for Inductees

    A. Athletes

      1. Shall not be considered for recognition for at least three (3) years after graduation or completion of their eligibility.
      2. Must have met minimum requirements to earn one (1) varsity "O" letter.
      3. Qualification shall be based primarily on their superior athletic achievement as a student athlete which brought considerable fame to the University and through individual achievement. Other considerations shall include athletic accomplishments after leaving the University.
      4. The selection shall be on merit only and never of a political nature.
      5. To be elected, a candidate must receive a three-fourths vote of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.
      6. Consideration shall be given for personal conduct in life and personal contributions to the high ideals of Intercollegiate Athletics

    B. Special Inductees

      1. Coaches

        a. FAU head coach for at least five (5) years.
        b. A nationally recognized coach who has made a profound impact on the athletic program.
        c. No active coach may be inducted
        d. Requirements A and C may be waived under unusual circumstances majority vote of the Election Committee.

      2. Administrators

        a. Shall have served at Florida Atlantic for at least three (3) years.
        b. Must have had nationally recognized administrative ability and brought distinction and honor to the University.
        c. No active administrator may be inducted.
        d. Requirement A may be waived under unusual circumstances with a majority vote of the Election Committee

      3. Special Consideration

        a. Any individual, living or deceased, who has made a significant contribution to Florida Atlantic University's athletics program, shall be eligible for election to the Hall of Fame as a Special Inductee.
        b. Any athlete who does not qualify as an athlete may be considered as a special inductee.

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