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FAU Degree Completion Program

It is the goal of the FAU Athletic Department to support all student-athletes who are conscientiously working toward a degree. In an effort to support this goal, the department may provide "5th year aid" to students who have not graduated by the time their athletic eligibility is exhausted. This aid cannot exceed five years and must occur within six years of initial enrollment.

The Athletic Department is committed to paying for 120 attempted credits for student-athletes who begin their careers at FAU as first-time freshmen and receive an athletic scholarship for four years. The number of attempted credits that will be paid for transfer students or students who receive an athletic scholarship after their first semester will be assessed on a case by case basis and may vary depending on students' major and previous academic history. Transfer students are expected to consult with their head coach and academic counselor prior to enrollment to discuss their selected major, length of scholarship commitment, and corresponding timetable for graduation.

If you are interested in being considered for 5th year aid, you will need to complete the application form have it signed by your head coach, and return it to your academic counselor. You will receive notification during your final semester of eligibility regarding the deadline for 5th year aid applications. Applications for 5th year aid will be reviewed by the Athletic Scholarship Committee and funding determinations will be made accordingly. Funding for 5th year aid is not an automatic benefit. Preference will be given to students who have demonstrated a history of responsible academic behavior.

If you are selected to receive 5th year aid, you will be expected to work on a volunteer basis for the Athletic Department (in place of your previous 20 hour playing and practice requirements) for a set number of hours each week depending on your funding level (20 hours for a full scholarship athlete). Every effort will be made to identify work assignments that correspond to your area of interest. Failure to perform assigned duties, repeated absences, or tardiness will result in forfeiture of your funding.

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