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Book Loan Policy

The FAU Athletic Department has a textbook loan policy for scholarship student-athletes who are eligible to receive textbooks. This is a loan program and student-athletes are responsible for returning the textbooks at the end of the semester. Failure to return textbooks before the end of the semester deadline will result in the student-athlete being charges for any missing books.

Laptop Loan Program

SACAE has a number of laptops available for student-athletes to check out before traveling for competitions. Student-athletes are only allowed to use SACAE laptops for academic purposes while traveling and upon return to the Oxley Center the laptops use will be verified.

To check a laptop out, please contact the intern in Room 261 of the Oxley Center.

Travel Letters

All student-athletes are responsible for informing their professors of upcoming excused class absences and for arranging to make up for any exams or assignments missed. Travel letters will be provided by the athletic academic counselors. The letters must be distributed by the student-athlete to professors during the first week of classes regarding any anticipated absences due to team travel. In addition, a reminder to the professor is required one week prior to the excused absence. All student-athlete are required to have each professor sign a signature verification form to acknowledge that the travel letter was distributed to the Professor.

Student-Athlete Class Conduct Policy

Attendance at every class and laboratory session is expected for all courses in which the student-athlete is enrolled in. It cannot be emphasized enough that there is a direct correlation between classroom attendance and academic success. Besides the obvious fact that students need to be in class to attain relevant information, many classes at FAU have a portion of the final grade designated for attendance and class participation. Furthermore, if a student happens to have difficulties with a specific class, their professor is much more likely to work with you if you have demonstrated an interest in the class by attending regularly. For student-athletes good class attendance is more critical because of the days that might be missed due to competition. It is the student-athletes responsibility to attend all classes and be on time.

Definition of Appropriate Conduct

All student-athletes are expected to attend classes, to complete all assignments, to take all exams, and display appropriate conduct in class. Appropriate class conduct includes but is not limited to: dressing in suitable attire for classes; being on time to class and remaining in class until the class has been dismissed by the instructor; arriving to class prepared to work with pencils, pens, books, notebooks, paper and other required materials; being awake and paying attention during class (not reading newspapers, sleeping, talking); cell phones turned off; no use of cell phone/pager/text messaging during class; treating classmates and instructors with the same respect with which you would like to be treated. Appropriate class conduct is not limited to traditional courses; student-athletes enrolled in online courses are expected to adhere to conduct policies outlined by both the University Honor Code and specific policies designated by the instructor of the course.

Definition of Excused Absence

    1. Absence due to team/travel and competition

    2. Absence due to illness / Student-athlete must provide documentation from Sports

      Medicine/Athletic Training staff to both the professor and SACAE counselor prior to the next class meeting.

    3. Absence due to extenuating personal circumstances such as death in the immediate family/Student-athlete must notify professor and a member of the SACAE staff prior to the next class meeting.

Class Monitoring Policy

Class attendance will be monitored by communication with faculty, personal visits to class, and monitors. Monitors are instructed to check class attendance at anytime during the class period. Students are considered late once the professor begins lecturing. All students are required to attend class and stay for the duration of the class period regardless of the instructor's class attendance policy, student's overall grade or cumulative grade point average. Professor's reports of 2 or more absences will take a student to immediate 2nd Warning status. These sanctions pertain to the number of classes missed, not the point at which the SACAE counselors are notified of classes missed.


The student-athlete and coach will be advised of each unexcused absence by email. The Director of Athletics and the parents of the student-athlete will be notified at the Final Warning stating that the next unexcused absence will result in suspension from competition.

Penalty Structure

Absences are recorded as cumulative ( not by individual class) and for the semester. Students who have a history of nonattendance may not be granted the benefits of funding for summer classes or degree completion.

    1. Warning - 1St absence in any class

    2. 2nd Warning - 2nd absence

    3. Loss of Ticket Privileges - 3rd absence - Student-athlete will lose ticket privileges for the next home game.

    4. Loss of Ticket Privileges - 4th absence - Student-athlete will lose ticket privileges for the remaining season (or upcoming season if not currently in season)

    5. Suspension from Competition - 5th absence - Student-athlete will be suspended from next eligible competition.

    6. Suspension - Each subsequent absence in any class will result in an additional suspension.

Definition of Competition In any semester, a student-athlete who is found to have five cumulative unexcused absences in all classes will be ineligible to compete for the following number of contests:

Football, Track, Cross-Country, Golf, M. Swim/Dive1 contest
Basketball, Soccer, W. Swim/Dive, Tennis, Volleyball 2 contests
Baseball, Softball3 contests

Appeal Policy

If the student-athlete believes the recorded absences are not accurate, he or she has 5 academic days (class days) from the date of the email to appeal in writing to the Director of the Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence to be reviewed by the Athletic Department Executive Committee. The appeal must state all pertinent facts and provide any other proof to support the student-athlete's position. The Director and the Committee will review the materials and pass a decision. The decision of the Director or designee is final.

Additional Class Attendance Policies

Coaches may impose more stringent team penalties for class attendance so long as they are in writing and distributed to their student-athletes at the beginning of the academic year. A copy must be on file with the Director of the Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence and the Director of Athletics.

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