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Become a SACAE Tutor

Thank you for showing an interest in tutoring for the Student Athlete Center for Academic Excellence at Florida Atlantic University. Here is some information you will need to know before applying for this position:

Tutorial Position Minimum Requirements/What we are looking for:

Academic Requirements:

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Ability to work well with others and who are reliable, dependable, organized, punctual, and friendly
  • Tutors that are dedicated and willing to make the semester long commitment to tutor with the SACAE
  • Tutors who firmly believe in the importance of academic integrity.
  • Tutors who will uphold the privacy of the student-athletes and maintain confidentiality

Our Tutors:

  • On average we employ 40-60 qualified tutoring to assist our student-athlete in a variety of different courses
  • Hours vary, and are based on the needs of the student-athlete, and the subject that a tutor can tutor.
  • Tutor appointments are scheduled during a mutually convenient time for the tutor and the student-athlete to meet. Tutoring sessions take place in the Tom Oxley building located on the Boca Raton, Florida Atlantic University campus.

If you feel as if you could tutor for the Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence please contact:

Vanessa Lefton SACAE Tutorial Coordinator

In addition, if you would like to submit an application, please click on the following link Tutoring Application

For many of our student-athletes, our tutorial assistance program is a fundamental component of achieving their goal of graduation. With your dedication and professionalism as a tutor, combined with the additional services offered the Student Athlete Center for Academic Excellence is able to help each and every one of its student athletes reach their highest potential.

SACAE Tutor Manual-link to a PDF document (see pg. # for document)

GradesFirst is an integral part of the Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence. Student-athletes and staff alike access the GradesFirst system. Please see below for the link to access GradesFirst


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