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Power Cerge

Cergile Sincere
Cergile Sincere
 Power Cerge Edition #1: 8/15/07
 Power Cerge Edition #2: 8/22/07
 Power Cerge Edition #3: 8/31/07
 Power Cerge Edition #4: 9/05/07
 Power Cerge Edition #5: 9/19/07
 Power Cerge Edition #6: 9/25/07
 Power Cerge Edition #7: 10/16/07
 Power Cerge Edition #8: 10/24/07
 Power Cerge Edition #9: 11/07/07
 Power Cerge Edition #10: 12/13/07
"Power Cerge" will be a weekly show hosted by FAU linebacker Cergile Sincere and will include special guests from all around FAU athletics. The show will hold a non-traditional format featuring "team" news, game previews, an open discussion, and guests from other FAU teams.

Let Cergile hear from you. This is your opportunity to write in with your questions.

Cergile may read your question this fall or simply answer it during the open forum.

Submit your questions today!

Directions for using "Power Cerge"
1. Hit the "Power Cerge" Link
2. On the Power Cerge page, click on the latest edition of "Power Cerge," or any editions you may have missed.
3. If you are registered to FAU All-Access, enter your e-mail address and password. If you are not registered, hit "click here to register," fill out the registration form, then hit "sign up".


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