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Strength & Conditioning Mission Statement

The Florida Atlantic University Strength and Conditioning Department is dedicated to serving our student-athletes. We utilize scientific based principles to maximize speed, strength, and rate of force development. Sport specific energy system development is a long term process and is a major priority of our department. For this reason, we use appropriate work to rest ratios in all our physical activity.

In collaboration with our sport coaches we compartmentalize our efforts to make the most efficient and effective annual plan. Many physiological abilities contribute to athletic success and are prioritized at different times of the year. All activity of the student athlete is accounted for and planned out beforehand. This planning process is vital to the health and safety of the student athlete and has helped reduce the amount of overuse injuries in our athletes.

In support of our Athletic Department and University, we educate and empower our student-athletes to reach academic, athletic, and lifetime achievement. We share an expectation of excellence with the University and strive to unify and engage our students, alumni and the community.

Florida Atlantic University
Tom Oxley Athletic Center
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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