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Mission Statement

Florida Atlantic University Sports Medicine Department is dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare and health education to the student-athlete. Our multi-disciplinary networks of healthcare professionals all play an interactive role in establishing an effective system of care through the prevention, evaluation, management, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of athletic injuries.

Medical Services

Florida Atlantic University has access to world class healthcare both at the Boca Raton Regional Hospital, and local specialists who provide the total care package for all student-athlete medical needs. The sports medicine staff provides both therapeutic modalities and rehabilitation of athletic injuries in the FAU Oxley athletic center and FAU arena athletic training room. Student-athletes receive a full pre-participation screening including electrocardiogram when they arrive on campus their first year. After that returning student-athletes are required to update there medical history on an annual basis.

Policies and Procedures

Florida Atlantic University Sports Medicine has included policies and procedures on the web-site for your convenience such as insurance procedures and pre-participation physical procedures. Please review these with your family prior to each year. You may have questions in regards to certain issues that can be answered by reviewing those documents.

The link below is to input demographic and insurance inforamtion for the academic year.

Insurance Policies and Procedures Get Acrobat Reader

Institutional Drug Testing Policy and Procedure

Banned Substance List (May 2014)

Annual Pre-participation Physicals Policy and Procedure

Concussion Management Policy and Procedures

Emergency Action Plan (updated 2013-14)

Pre-Participation Physical Exam/Medical Forms/Waivers

Incoming Freshman  / Transfer Student Athlete Packet (must complete prior to physicals)

General Medical Evaluation

Returning Student-Athletes Medical Packet  (must complete prior to physicals)

Insurance Information (signature of policyholder necessary)

ADHD Letter (if necessary)

Ortho 2013 Forms

Visiting Team Sports Medicine Guide

The Florida Atlantic University Sports Medicine Staff would like to welcome you and your team to Florida Atlantic University on the Boca Raton campus. We want to make your stay as convenient as possible. If you have any questions or special requests please feel free to call in advance so that we may accommodate your needs.
Oxley Center Athletic Training Room(561) 297-2125

 Gymnasium Athletic Training Room (561) 297-3825

 Oxley Center Athletic Training Room FAX (561) 297-0468

Florida Atlantic University
Department of Athletics
777 Glades Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Florida Atlantic University Sports Medicine Directory

Phone numbers are (561) 297-(extension listed)

Sports Medicine
John Burnside Head Athletic Trainer 2044
Ashlee Morse Assistant Athletic Trainer 1056
John Kiddy Assistant Athletic Trainer 2043
Alexa Kryglowski Assistant Athletic Trainer 2125
Betsy Stallworth Graduate Assistant 2125
Eric Capell Graduate Assistant 2125
Ashley Kristiansen Graduate Assistant 2125
Jae Song Graduate Assistant 2125
Haley McDaniel Graduate Assistant 2125
Team Doctors
Boca Raton Regional Hospital 561-955-7100  
Theodore Raptis M.D. Medical Director/Head Team Physician 561-368-5540  
Rob Signorello P.T. Team Physical Therapist/BRRH Sports Medicine Coordinator 561-955-5325  
Manish Gupta M.D. Team Orthopaedic Surgeon/Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Specialist 561-826-2000  
Alan Saperstein M.D. Team Orthopaedic Surgeon/Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Specialist 561-241-8668  
Marc Bergman M.D. Team Orthopaedic Surgeon/Sports Medicine 561-241-8668  
Ashish Sahai M.D. Team Orthopaedic Surgeon/Spine Specialist 561-826-2000  
Dave Strong M.D. Team Emergency Physician 561-955-4425  
David Leeman M.D. Team Emergency Physician 561-955-4425  
Adam Bernstein M.D. Team Emergency Physician 561-955-4425  
Aaron Klein DO Team Physician/Internal Medicine 561-997-8484
Lisa Evans M.D. Team Physician/Internal Medicine 561-391-2770
Georgi Trnowski M.D. Internal Medicine/Internal Medicine 561-341-6365  
Ignacio Valdes M.D. Internal Medicine/Internal Medicine 561-392-6666
Jean-Pierre Awaida M.D. Team Interventional Cardiologist 561-499-3919  
Craig M. Brodsky M.D. Team Interventional Cardiologist 561-395-4600
Scott Perlman D.O. Team Neurologist 954-942-3991  
S. Daniel Salama M.D. Team Opthalmologist 561-395-7161
Joseph H. Kleinman Chairman Department of Imaging, Chief Operating Officer  
Steven D. Needell M.D. Director, Musculoskeletal Imaging 561-391-1728  
Dr. Richard Staller Team Dentist    
Dr. Bruce Fischer Official Team Chiropractor 561-392-1333 
Dr. Robert Klein Official Team Chiropractor 561-988-1998 
Dr. Mitchell Smith Director of Sport Psychology Services 756-3331
Dr. Hessam Khatami Official Team Chiropractor 561-455-4850
Dr. Todd Rodman Official Team Chiropractor 954-234-6063