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The NCAA and all of its members shun any form of gambling on collegiate athletics. Gambling brings down the integrity of the game and has an adverse effect on collegiate athletics. Penalties for gambling on athletic events can be harsh, sometimes resulting in prison time. Student-athletes and staff members of an NCAA school may not be involved in any gambling activities outlawed by the NCAA. What follows is the NCAA definition of gambling activities, and other information concerning gambling.

Gambling Activities

  • Providing information to individuals involved in organized gambling activities concerning intercollegiate athletics competition.
  • Soliciting a bet on any intercollegiate team.
  • Accepting a bet on any team representing the institution.
  • Solicit or accept a bet on any intercollegiate competition for any item (e.g. cash, shirt, dinner) that has tangible value
  • Participating in any gambling activity that involves intercollegiate athletics or professional athletics, through a bookmaker, a parlay card or any other method employed by organized gambling, including pools, auctions and fantasy leagues.

    Jessica Carafiello

    NCAA on Gambling

    Don't BET on it (NCAA Publication)

    NCAA Information on Gambling

    NCAA Testimonies on Gambling

    NCAA Gambling Affidavits

    Gambling Studies

    University of Michigan Study: The Extent and Nature of Gambling Among College Student Athletes. By Cross and Vollano

    University of Connecticut Study: Gambling and Other Risk Behaviors on College Campuses. By: Egwall, Hunter and Steinberg

    Gambling by College Athletes: An Association Between Problem Gambling and Athletes. By: Rockey, Beason, and Gilbert

    Court Rulings

    Gambling Activities Involving Student-Athletes

    Gambling Activities Involving Staff Members

    Coach Schnellenberger Addresses Football Team

    Internet Sports Wagering

    Internet Sports wagering (NCAA Informational Supplement)

    "Gambling and the Law: The Future of Internet Gambling." Villanova Sports and Entertainment Law Journal, 2000.

    Gambling And Congress

    Unlawful Internet Gambling Funding Prohibition Act, S. 627/HR21

    Internet Gambling Licensing and Regulation Commission Act, HR 1223

    Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Internet Gambling Bill, Tech Law Journal

    "Congress Considers New Anti-Gambling Bill," NCAA News, 04/09/01

    "NCAA Leader Take Sports Gambling Battle to the House," NCAA News, 06/19/00

    "Throwing the Game," Donald Barlett and James Steele, 09/18/00

    "Congress could trump Vegas on college book," Darren Rovell 03/14/01

    Men's Butterfly

    Timeline Of College Gambling Scandals

    1945 - The Brooklyn Five

    1951 - Thirty-two players from seven colleges

    1961 - St. Joseph's forced to relinquish third place finish in NCAA tourney

    1962 - Thirty-seven arrests from 22 institutions

    1981 - Boston College basketball

    1985 - Tulane Basketball; suspension of program

    1989 - Florida, Four football players, including Shane Matthews, suspended

    1992 - Maine: Thirteen baseball players, six football players suspend for gambling

    1992 - Bryant College: six basketball players shaving points

    1994 - Ballarni: Northwestern runningback

    1995 - Maryland QB and four others suspended

    1996 - Boston College suspends 13 members of football team

    1996 - Holy Cross: Two student-athletes admit to betting

    1997 - Arizona State: Point Shaving

    1998 - Northwestern point shaving in 1994-1995 season

    2001 - Dupay at Florida

    2002 - McPherson at FSU

    "Association Ups the Heat on Gambling, NCAA News

    "Gambling and Associated Behaviors," NCAA News

    "Updates on NCAA Sports Wagering Activities, 03/02, NCAA News

    "The Gambling Threat, The Will to Act Project" NCAA News


    "Saum Testifies Before Congress on Internet Gambling Issues," NCAA New, 02/16/98

    "A Dangerous Bet on Campus," Ben Gose

    "Blow the Whistle on Internet Gambling," Rep. Bob Goodlatte, NCAA News, 04/15/02

    "Major Bank Issue Block on Credit-Card Wagering," NCAA News, 07/08/02

    Contact Information For Gambling

    Gamblers Anonymous

    Gam-Anon (friends and family)

    National Council on Problem Gambling

    Gambling is Detrimental to College Sports

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