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Relationship As A Booster

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The term "booster" or as the NCAA refers to it as, a "representative of athletics interests," is a term that encompasses many individuals. Many fans and alumnus are unknowledgeable of the fact that they are considered representatives of athletics interests. So please, take a moment to understand the relationship between a representative of athletics interest and an athletics department.

Who is a "Prospective Student-Athlete?"

A "prospective student-athlete" known as a PSA, is a student who is enrolled in classes from the ninth grade. In addition, any younger student-athlete who receives any benefits from the institution would be considered a PSA.

Who is a "Representative of FAU Athletics Interests" (Booster)?

You Are If You:

  • Have participated in or will be a member of an agency or organization promoting FAU's Intercollegiate Athletics programs.
  • Have made financial contributions to the FAU athletics Department, the Owl Club or the Owl Fund.
  • Will be assisting, or have assisted, in providing benefits to enrolled student-athletes or their families.
  • Have been involved otherwise in promoting FAU's Athletics Department.

    According to NCAA rules, once an individual has been identified as an institutional "representative of athletic interest" the individual retains that title for life. FAU is ultimately responsible for the action of all "representatives of athletic interest" in relation to NCAA rules and regulations.

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    Who is Allowed to Recruit for FAU?

    Recruiting is any solicitation of a prospect or a prospect's relatives [or legal guardian(s)] by an institutional staff member or by a representative of the institution's athletics interests for the purpose of securing the prospect's enrollment and ultimate participation in the institution's intercollegiate athletics program.

  • Only FAU coaches who have passed the NCAA Recruiting Rules Examination may be involved in the recruitment process. There may be no recruiting contacts made by "representatives of athletic interests." This includes letters, telephone calls or face-to-face contacts on or off campus.
  • Off-campus recruiting contacts made by an FAU regular admission program representative and directed at all prospective students, including nonathletes.
  • Contacts made with a prospect by an established family friend or neighbor, it being understood that such contacts are not made for recruiting purposes and are not initiated by a member of an institution's coaching staff.

    Permissible Activities by a Representative of Athletic Interests in Regards to a Prospective Student-Athlete

  • You may attend high school and junior college athletic events
  • You may contact a prospective student-athlete if it is understood that such contacts are not made for recruiting purposes and are not initiated by FAU's coaching staff.
  • You may attend a public event (e.g. a high school awards banquet or dinner) at which prospects are in attendance.
  • You may send FAU coaching staff any information you think would be of interest. The coaching staff will then make the contact with the prospective student athlete.

    NCAA Rules Regarding Contacts with High School and Junior College Coaches

  • You may not contact the prospect's coach, principal, or counselor for the purpose of evaluating the prospect, or pick up any films or transcripts from the prospect's educational institution.
  • You may not entertain (e.g. tickets or transportation) high school, prep school or junior college coaches at any location.
  • You may not reimburse high school, prep school or junior college coaches of a prospect for expenses incurred in transporting a prospect to visit the campus.

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    NCAA Rules Regarding Contacts with High School and Junior College Prospective Student-Athletes

  • An athletic representative of FAU interests can speak to a prospect via the telephone only if the prospect initiated the telephone conversation and the call is not for recruiting purposes. Under such circumstances, the representative must refer all questions to FAU coaches.

    If a prospect approaches you off campus regarding the athletic program, explain that NCAA rules do not permit you to discuss the program. Suggest that the prospect contact the head coach of the sport for information.

  • You may not provide room/board or transportation to a recruited student-athlete during the period of the individual's eligibility, including the summer prior to initial enrollment.
  • You may not make contact with a prospective student-athlete and his or her legal guardian(s) on an official visit to the campus.
  • You may not provide cash or the use of an automobile to a prospect or student-host on his or her official visit to campus.
  • You may not provide anything to a prospect, the prospect's family or friends without first discussing it with the Compliance Office at Florida Atlantic University.
  • You may not entertain or provide tickets at reduced costs to ANY FAU athletic or nonathletic event to a prospect, their family or friends. Fees for the prospect's summer sports camp are also included in this.
  • You may not contact an enrolled student-athlete at another institution for the purpose of encouraging transfer to FAU and participation in our athletics program.

    NCAA Rules Regarding Contacts with Currently Enrolled Student-Athletes

  • You may not provide a student-athlete any benefits or special arrangements.

    An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an employee or representative of FAU's athletics interests to provided a student-athlete or the student-athlete's relatives or friends a benefit not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation.

  • You may not provide room and/or board or any type of transportation during the summer or semester break for a student-athlete with eligibility remaining.
  • You may not provide room, board or transportation cost incurred by friends or family of an enrolled student-athlete to visit campus or attend an away athletic contest.
  • You may not use the name, picture or appearance of an enrolled student-athlete to directly advertise, recommend or promote sales or use of commercial product or service of any kind. This would jeopardize the student-athletes eligibility (For charitable cause see Compliance Officer).
  • Only necessary travel expenses can be given when speaking to educational or charitable group. (All speaking engagements must be approved first by the Athletic Director.)
  • You may not employ or arrange for the employment of a prospective student athlete or enrolled student-athlete without checking first with FAU Intercollegiate Athletics Department. The division is permitted to make arrangements for summer employment for prospects. The pay rate should not be greater than the standard rate for similar jobs in your area.

    Representatives of athletic interests are reminded, the NCAA rules regarding enrolled student-athletes remain in effect throughout the entire year, including the summer breaks. When student athletes complete their final season of eligibility they must abide by NCAA rules until the end of the academic year, or until they are no longer receiving athletic financial aid.

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    Most Commonly Asked Questions:

    ?: Can a booster give information to a coach regarding a prospective student-athlete?

    A: YES

    ?: Can boosters entertain relatives and friends of a prospective student-athlete at any site off campus?

    A: NO

    ?: Can a booster make contact with a prospective student-athlete and his or her legal guardian(s) on an official visit to campus?

    A: NO

    ?: During an official visit to campus, is it permissible for a booster to entertain, by a complimentary meal for or expend any funds on the prospective student-athlete, his or her legal guardian(s), relatives or friends?

    A: NO funds may be expended by representatives for the purpose of entertaining a prospect on his or her official visit.

    ?: Is it permissible for a booster to provide free admission to the institution's away contests to prospects, their friends or relatives?

    A: NO

    ?: May a recruit call a booster?

    A: A booster may have a telephone conversation with a prospect provided the prospect initiates the call and the call was not prearranged by an institutional recruiter. The booster is not permitted to have conversation with the prospect about the institution. All questions should be directed to a member of the athletic staff.

    ?: Is it permissible for a booster to expend funds to entertain student-athletes and friends?

    A: NO

    ?: Can a booster allow a student-athlete, friends or relatives to use the phone for free, local or long distance?

    A: NO

    ?: May a booster provide tickets to a professional sports contest to student athletes?

    A: NO

    Better Safe than Sorry…Compliance with NCAA regulations is of the highest priority for FAU's athletic program and institution. We need your assistance in complying with the NCAA rules. When you are faced with a situation and are unsure as to how to respond, we strongly urge you to contact our Compliance Coordinator at (561) 297-2992 before acting.

    Florida Atlantic University appreciates your continued support of its athletics programs.

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