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Fajala O'dneal
Fajala  O'dneal

Orlando, Florida

2nd Year

Elementary Education

Nickname: Jay

Dance Experience: I have been dancing hip-hop since I was six, danced at my church since I was eight, also all through high school and one year as a FAU dancer

Nationality: African American

Favorite Types of Music: Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, R&B

Favorite Movies: Pride, School Daze and Glory Road

Favorite Books: Hoops and Coldest Winter Ever

Favorite Dessert: Strawberry Cheesecake

Hobbies: dance, playing the piano and singing

Biggest Pet Peeve: lying

People of Influence (why?): My mom and dad, they are always pushing me to do my best and more, they also always support me in everything I do.

Dream Vacation: The Canaries Islands

Favorite Quote: No excuses, Just results!

One Thing Most People Don't Know about You: I'm extremely shy

One Word That Best Describes You: Goofy

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