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Gabriella Defilippi
Gabriella  Defilippi

Santa Monica, CA

2nd Year


Nickname: Gabby

Dance Experience: : I've been dancing at studios since I was 9, FAU Dance organization and FAU Dance

Nationality: Italian

Favorite Types of Music: : Ben Harper, Pepper and Sublime are my favorites but I love anything from Hip Hop to country

Favorite Movies: Just Married, What happens in Vegas, Lords of Dog town, Anchorman, The Notebook, The sweetest thing....

Favorite Books: Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake

Hobbies: Water sports, concerts, photography, finding new music and hanging out with good friends and family

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who take forever to leave a parking spot, when you're clearly waiting for it!

People of Influence (why?): My parents for always standing by me no matter what, Dyanne Loput for believing in me and giving me a chance to grow as a dancer and as a person, and Matt Best for showing me how to love.

Dream Vacation: New Zealand, I could listen to those accents all day everyday!

Favorite Quote: : Life is what happens to you while you're making other plans - John Lennon

One Thing Most People Don't Know about You: I speak Italian and Spanish

One Word That Best Describes You: Giggly

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