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Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Dec. 20, 2012

As I write this, I'm one day behind and working in a very quiet Oxley Center. Yesterday was the department holiday party so many are taking a long deserved break. Since I last wrote, we have been working on the final touches for the website redesign. It launched on Tuesday, a day I had long looked forward to and the project's completion. As luck would have it, the entire university computer system was down. So the world saw it before I could. Yesterday was spent cleaning the few bugs in it and I hope we can continue to provide great information to all Owl fans.

I had one of my favorite surprises today. The first was a former softball player who I had not seen in several years. Her life has evolved as all of our lives do. We determined that college prepares you to take the next big step but that nothing can fully prep you for what life holds. That's a good thing. I think? Just moments later, I met a former student athlete for the first time, Per Segerstrom. He was an All-American golfer in 1985-86 and was here from Sweden on holiday and was showing his family around and looking for his All-American photo. The photo like so many others was damaged and/or taken down after a hurricane caused water damage in the Arena. Restoration to the photos was a summer project that I have wondered many times if it was worth it. Today, to see his family's faces, I can say it was.

I have been very fortunate in 2012 to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my family, first time in more than 19 years that I didn't have a game or tournament. And now, I await Christmas. Who could ask for more? See you January 1 at the men's basketball game.

Katrina McCormack

C-USA Unbridled Ambition Learfield