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FIU Hospitality Village and Tailgating Policy

Dec. 2, 2009

BOCA RATON, FL - FIU Hospitality Village and Tailgating Policy

Hospitality Village:
• The Hospitality Village is located on Stadium Road just north of the stadium and is designated for large tailgating groups of 25 or more.
• Hospitality Village will open up 3 hours before game time and will close 15 minutes before kickoff.
• Alcohol is permitted in the Hospitality Village as long as the individuals are of legal age.
• To inquire about pricing for space, tents and food in the Hospitality Village, e-mail Jeremy Lamb at
• Individuals who rent space in the Hospitality Village are required to abide by FIU Stadium Conduct Policies and are subject to removal at the discretion of FIU staff and Police.
• Temporary restroom facilities will be available.

• Tailgating is permitted in parking lots around campus.
• Barbecuing is allowed as long as it is a controlled flame.
• Alcohol is permitted as long as the individuals consuming the alcohol are of legal age.
• Tailgaters are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
• Groups that tailgate are required to abide by FIU Conduct Policies and are subject to removal at the discretion of FIU Police.

Football game times are tentatively scheduled for 7:00 PM (except for 10/31 vs. ULL) and are subject to change. The tailgate area will be cleared by FIU police. The official student tailgate area will be at the NE corner of the stadium on Stadium Drive.

All federal, state, and local laws will be enforced by FIU police officers and potentially the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. Bulk quantities of alcohol including, but not limited to, kegs and special mixed drinks are not permitted. Underage possession and drinking is prohibited. Excessive drinking and devices designed for rapid consumption of alcohol including but not limited to funnels, ice luges, drinking games and beer bongs will not be permitted and may be confiscated.

* Customer Service located at GATE 1, inside FIU Stadium.

FIU Stadium Prohibited Items and Policies:
All admission gates will open 90 minutes prior to kickoff for all FIU Football home games. At the time that the gates are open to the public, all concession stands will be operational and all security and ushers will be in place. The following rules are in effect at all FIU Stadium events.

Items prohibited from all FIU Stadium events include: any outside food/beverages, illegal drugs, playing balls, umbrellas, pets, bottles, cans, flasks, thermoses, ice bags, ice chests, coolers, picnic baskets, boom boxes, firearms, incendiary devices (fireworks, smoke bombs, etc.), artificial noisemakers, musical instruments, flag poles, weapons or any item deemed hazardous by FIU Stadium management personnel.

• Those with illegal drugs or incendiary devices are subject to ejection and/or arrest.
• Authorities are allowed to inspect patrons, and their bags, upon entering FIU Stadium for the purpose of spectator safety.
• Hand-held cameras and small video cameras are allowed into FIU Stadium for FIU Football home games.
• No bags, backpacks, etc., will be allowed into FIU Stadium.
• Baby strollers need to be kept clear of all aisle ways.
• Smoking is prohibited in seating areas. There are two designated smoking areas on the ground level in the SW and NE grass corners.
• All items (packages) are subject to search.
• No sitting in the aisles. No standing on the bleachers/seats.
• Ushers will restrict entrance to the field allowing only credentialed personnel access.
• FIU staff reserves the right to prohibit any additional items.
Alcohol Consumption:
Per NCAA regulations for on-campus stadiums, there are no alcohol sales allowed to the general public in FIU Stadium. Alcohol consumption is only allowed in the stadium club and suites of FIU Stadium. Those with privileged access to the stadium club and suites will not be allowed to leave their area with alcohol at anytime. Stadium Club and Suite users must be 21 or older to purchase alcohol and must have a valid I.D.

Prohibited Behavior:

Unruly, threatening, or disruptive behavior such as standing in the aisles, profane and abusive language, smoking, fighting, throwing objects and drunkenness will not be tolerated and can result in ejection, arrest, and/or loss of ticket privileges. Should you observe any of this disruptive behavior, please notify your nearest security or law enforcement officer. Standing on seats/bleachers is strictly prohibited. Artificial noisemakers are not permitted in FIU Stadium for FIU Football home games per the Sun Belt Conference. Such items will be removed immediately. Signs of a derogatory nature directed toward an individual players, team, staff, spectators or game officials are not permitted. Stadium policy prohibits fans from entering the field of play unless they are properly credentialed. Violators are subject to ejection and/or arrest. Enforcement:

Individuals found violating any policies can be removed from the stadium. Students involved in such activities or other disruptive behavior will also be subject to disciplinary action through the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution. Students are also subject to arrest and prosecution under applicable laws and state statues. Students enjoy the rights and privileges that they gain as a member of the university community and are subject to the responsibilities which accompanies that membership. Non-students, while not affected by the FIU Student Conduct Code, are subject to arrest and prosecution under applicable laws and state statutes.

Do's and Don't's


• Act appropriately, as fans of FIU you represent the university and the athletics.
• Eat great food, bring lots of friends and have a great time tailgating, in a safe and responsible way.
• When tailgating pick up after your group.
• Respect all FIU Stadium personnel.
• When FIU is introduced before the game cheer as loud as you can to show your support for your student athletes.
• When the FIU Offense is on the field allow the offense to hear each other by keeping the noise level down.
• When the FIU Defense is on the field stand up and be as loud as you can!

• Do not behave disruptively.
• Do not enter the field of play.
• Do not use foul or abusive language or make obscene gestures.
• Do not interfere with game play in any way.
• Do not throw any objects at anyone or anything on the field.
• Do not throw any objects in the stands.
• Do not fight with fellow patrons.
• Do not sit in the aisles or stand on chairs.
• Do not sit in someone else's seat.
• Do not be disrespectful to visiting team fans.
• Do not smoke outside of the designated smoking areas.
• Do not bring alcohol into FIU Stadium.
• Do not take alcohol purchased in the Stadium Club or Suites outside of their respective areas.
• Do not take any kind of food or drink into elevators.
• Do not litter in FIU Stadium or surrounding areas.

Student and Fan Code of Conduct:
Please note - No re-entry allowed through GATE 5. Gate 5 closes at the end of the second quarter; no students will be permitted to enter Gate 5 after that time. FIU promotes good sportsmanship by student-athletes, coaches and spectators. We request your cooperation by supporting the participants.

We want you to enjoy your "game day" experience but remember you are representing FIU. Hold yourself to a higher standard. First impressions count. When tailgating and watching the game, be a good sport. Cheer our Panthers to victory with class. Remember that visiting teams, their families and their fans are our guests. Be respectful. As FIU continues to grow help us to gain recognition and improve our reputation by interacting with each other and visitors in a way that makes us all proud.