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We are Scattered but Excited about the Next Few Weeks

Nov. 13, 2013

It hardly seems like a week since I have written. There are so many events going on that I have lost track of time. It is normal for me to lose track during a bye week and maybe that played into it. We get into such a routine once camp breaks that any deviation throws me off. I can't imagine what it does to the players.

Since last Wednesday, women's basketball has played two games on the road. Brandon Goodwin, the newest member to our staff had his first FAU broadcast. This weekend he will do the same at home and it will be the first women's basketball that fans can watch via live stream. That is great news for basketball fans and way to go Brandon.

The Tulane football game was the first game that we have provided a live stream in several years, since the days of Lockhart. This stream was much better and we had more than 500 views for the broadcast.

Volleyball has built a following of the webcast and I'm sure those fans enjoyed the 3-2 victory over FIU, Tuesday night. It was a nail biter that saw the Owls come from behind to win.

Men's basketball got underway over the weekend and they too have been added to the video stream play list.

Today is signing day for many of the teams so keep an eye out for our latest new Owls. Unlike football, many of the other sports elect to delay their announcements so stay tuned.

Our office staff will be scattered this weekend. I will remain with football but will welcome Jena Lamendola to her first trip. New Owl alum Josh Fryd will provide the photos as or regular (notice I didn't say normal) photographer has picked up a photo shoot with Danica Patrick.

Ken LaVicka from ESPN will be with Justin from our office covering men's basketball while Brandon will remain at home where he and Ron will pull volleyball and women's basketball duty.

This time of year and late February early March are an adventure to coordinate everything the teams and our fans need.

I'm also happy to say that we also have the opportunity to promote successful stories. Like D'Joun Smith leading the nation in interceptions. The work of Tina Dechausay, in FAU Athletic Marketing, really has helped with that. Several student-athletes also will represent their teams on C-USA All-conference and All-Academic teams. We also have graduation rapidly approaching which means there are great success stories to pitch.

While it is a busy time of the year it also is a great time. Much like what Interim Head Football Coach Brian Wright has cornered. We are holding the rope and we are "FAU Proud."

Let's Go Owls!
Katrina McCormack

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