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Owl Madness is Madness
Coach Jarvis addresses the crowd at Owl Madness

Oct. 19, 2012

Last night was Owl Madness at the Burrow. In the days building up to the madness there was a lot of talk about how crazy this event was going to be. After attending the event last night I must say I was impressed with the turn out from the students and the staff.

There were the moments where I saw students jump up in excitement as the Greek all-star game took place. From 3 point shots to the fancy lay ups, I would say the crowd was entertained. Next up was the cheer squad; they were pretty impressive as well. Pom-poms waved in the air as they chanted for the Owls of Florida Atlantic from center court.

Then there was the dance team, I must say those girls can move. "This is how we do it" is the song they chose to dance to. The crowd went nuts with the choreography that was put together for this act. I would give dance coach Lisa Snowden two thumbs up for this performance. It was just what the crowd needed to really get excited for the announcement of the men's and women's basketball team.

The women's team was announced and the "Burrow" went crazy. I can tell that the students are excited to come see the Lady Owls play. Then the lights went dim, the arena started to rock and ESPN 760's Ken LaVicka stepped back on to the floor. "Are you ready to meet your 2012-2013 men's basketball team" LaVicka shouted. And you probably knew before you even read anymore, the crowd went crazy again.

The men's basketball team came out and Coach Jarvis spoke to the crowd or the team's 6th man, as he referred to them. The more excited the crowd got, the more excited Coach Jarvis got. The men's team was later presented with a surfboard from Bryce McMichael a representative from the EA Sports Maui Invitational Basketball Tournament. Coach Jarvis pointed out all the teams that FAU would play by pointing to their names on the surfboard. Overall the night was great, a night to be remembered. I feel special thanks is needed as well. That thanks goes to the students who came out to support the athletic teams and the operations staff from the athletic department. My last words this week are simple, remember November 5th the men's basketball team will open the season and at home against the Fighting Knights of Lynn University so come out and support them once again on that night too.

C-USA Unbridled Ambition Learfield