Athletics News

2nd & 7 Literacy Program

April 24, 2013

With the spring season winding down, the athletics department has found productive ways for our student-athletes to use their free time while giving back to the community. Throughout this past month, I have had the pleasure of helping out with the 2nd & 7 Literacy Program. We have traveled to three schools so far with student-athletes from a variety of teams participating in class readings.

It has been a great experience helping out with this program and getting to see the excitement our student-athletes cause when they go visit these schools. Programs like 2nd & 7 are important for FAU to get involved in because our student-athletes are role models for children in the community and can have a real impact on their lives.

So far, I have helped out on visits to A.D. Henderson School and J.C. Mitchell Elementary. We have had student-athletes from football, men's and women's basketball, volleyball, and dance participate, as well as members of the athletics department including coaching staff.

While the class reading is an important part of the program, I think the most beneficial part of our visits has been the discussions led by the student-athletes with each class. They talk with the students about how they reached their goals and the importance of hard work and determination both in and out of the class room.

I look forward to working with the rest of our staff as we continue our participation in the 2nd & 7 Literacy Program and I urge any elementary school staff looking to get involved to contact our athletics department.

C-USA Unbridled Ambition Learfield