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Thank You to the Folks who Make Games Electronic

March 20, 2013

As I write today, I’m reminded of my love hate relationship with GameTracker. Florida Atlantic was the first University in the state of Florida to use electronic statistics, ’92. FAU also was the first school in the state to use GameTracker which at the time was provided by FansOnly, which is now CBSSports. Their graphics are great and it is a great way to follow your favorite team. As technology has improved and we have so many ways to stay close to our favorite teams, you can almost follow the team minute-by-minute.

I was at a game over the weekend. I had to leave to pick up someone and I didn’t miss a play. I listened to the game in my car via my phone. I drew the line at watching GameTracker because family members were in the car but if I was by myself and without a conscious, look out I probably would have taken advantage of GameTracker.

For example, as I sit in my office today, I have one screen for typing and the other tells me FAU softball is up 4-3, there is a man on first and no outs. While that is cool, I very much want it to be over.

I can’t write without guilt that I have also complained because it locks or GT is not provided. There are so many things that the staff does to make this simple thing work that we need to be grateful that it happens at all. For example, many locations do not have internet connections. We travel with a wireless card to help in those situations. The home school is the rights holder and some will not allow us to run it on our site. The person who makes the game come alive on the computer often has other tasks like serving as the official scorer, providing twitter and Facebook feeds, and writing the post-game story.

When the Owls serve as a tournament host, we also provide the live scoring for every participating school, not just the FAU games which is a nice benefit to those playing in Boca Raton. I also would add that in the future FAU hopes to provide a video feed at several of the events.

Here is a big thank you to those who make the game come alive in the digital world.

See you at softball this weekend
Katrina McCormack

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