Athletics News

Dr. Young Responds

Feb. 11, 2003

Question from Mark Embick: What are the chances of building a football stadium this year?

A: Mark: hope to have an on campus stadium for the 2005 Season. Come see us this Fall. Go Owls! Dick.

Question from Todd Aldrich: What steps are the athletic department taking in order to attract more talented athletes to our program, namely men's basketball, so that we can compete with the likes of Miami, Florida, and FSU on a consistent basis?

A:: Todd: Both basketball programs are fully funded in scholarships and have adequate recruiting budgets. The coaches are responsible and working hard on it. The men did beat UM this year for the first time ever! Thanks for your interest. Go Owls! Dick.

Question from Charles Pressley: I am a supporter of Middle Tennessee State University and I've heard only mear rumors that Florida Atlantic has agreed to play a football contest this fall on August 30th in Murfressboro. I was hoping you could tell me that this information was true because I haven't heard much from either athletic department about it and with my soon to be military obligations this may be the only game I could attend so I'm hoping it's true! Furthermore, good luck to FAU and their continued efforts to move to Division I-A.

A:Charles, You have heard correctly. FAU will be in Murfreesboro on August 28 to play MTSU in football. Be there! Go Owls!

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