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Sometimes We All Need a Reality Check

Jan. 28, 2014

Day after day, most of us are guilty of complaining a lot. The work week is grueling, we all want to be paid more, we all want to be appreciated more and overall we wish life was simply “easier.” I can admit that I complain a lot, especially when it comes to balancing school, work, time for my family and a social life. I am only 23 years old, I deserve time for all of those things right? I deserve for my life to be a bit easier.

I know that I am not the only one out there with that mindset. This week however I received a major reality check. FAU’s swimming and diving teams partnered with an organization called Team IMPACT that matches kids with chronic/life-threatening illnesses with college athletic teams to give them a chance to be a special part of the team. This weekend, the Owls will host a signing ceremony for Madeline, an 11 year old who dreams of qualifying to swim in the Special Olympics.

As the media contact for swimming and diving, I have been in charge of getting the word out about this event. I received a lot of background information on Madeline to help with this process. This information included a two-page list documenting all of her ailments.

It really put things into perspective when going through this list of symptoms, both internal and external, that most of our lives are actually pretty easy. Sure we all have our daily stresses and problems to overcome but the reality is these problems could be much worse. I look forward to meeting Madeline at Friday’s meet and hope FAU’s fans and staff members will join us for a truly joyful moment as she becomes an honorary Owl. I hope the event gives others the same reality check I have received and perhaps it will make us all a bit more thankful for the life we have.  

C-USA Unbridled Ambition Learfield