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Thanks to the Student Assistants

Jan. 23, 2014

We are nearly through the month of January, which means basketball games are becoming more and more entertaining for the fans. And....softball and baseball are right around the corner. The No. 1 thing that comes to the minds of the athletics staff is that it is almost time for FAU Softball Stadium cheeseburgers and brownies.

One of my goals for the 2013-14 seasons is to enlist more student or graduate student support. We have tried for years but I believe three things have happened in recent years. The FAU MBA Sports Management program students are becoming more involved in FAU athletics, the FAU communication department students are seeking internships and football and the football stadium has generated an interest that we have not had before.

Surprisingly, most of these students are volunteering their time for the opportunity to learn the business first hand. I have promised, and will make sure that promise is kept, that this experience will be real, no coffee fetching here.

Several years ago, a former track athlete volunteered in our office and used the time to build a resume reel. She is currently working as a weekend television reporter in Texas. That one intern opened our doors to new and innovative things.

In the fall of 2013, we were blessed to have Ginette Javier compile videos for the website and to send to television stations following football games. Her best and brightest project was a video shown at the National Coaches Fast Pitch Coaches Association Hall of Fame Induction which spoke about Head Softball Coach Joan Joyce (you can view it at Ginette is now a graduate student at Nova Southeastern University. Cody Cohen, an FAU student and manager for the men's basketball team, joined us in the fall of 2013 and was instrumental in helping staff member Justin Johnson with the website for volleyball, men's basketball and softball. Cody, a member of the Dean's List, has re-upped for the spring and I hope he will be exposed to new things.

Graduate assistants Jena Lamendola, Ron Glenn and Rachel Rodriguez are all at different junctures in the MBA program. Jena has been with us for just over a year and will graduate in May. She has been and will continue to be instrumental with men's and women's swimming, track, men's soccer and both the men's and women's golf teams. She is currently preparing for the men's spring break tournament which is a huge event for that program and features nearly 20 teams from throughout the nation.

Ron joined us in the fall. He has worked on a cross section of sports and brings a tremendous video background to the office. Ron was instrumental for producing several feature videos in the fall that we could send to the hometowns of our out of state football players trying to garner interest with their television stations. Probably the most visible of his productions was the video welcoming home Charlie Partridge. We are hoping to expand his talents to other areas of media relations. Currently, he works with the men's and women's basketball game-day statistics.

Rachel is one of two who joined the media relations family in January. She is working on a cross section of projects and has written nearly 150 bios this month along. Now she gets to load them to the web along with photos but let's keep that a secret until we can have her doing something a little more enjoyable first.

Former FAU football player Winfred Strickland also is a daily office member. Winfred has an interest in photography. He has been working daily on projects related to photos. One of the team photographers, Ralph Notaro, has taken him on one off-campus photo shoot and worked with him today in the arena for another.

FAU athletics has a full slate of activities scheduled for February and beyond. We hope with the newest additions we can offer things and unprecedented coverage. Let us know what you would like to see on the website or things that you have enjoyed in the past. Emails are welcome at

Lastly, thank you to all staff members past and present. You truly make a difference.

Katrina McCormack

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